Best Noise-Canceling Headphones: Sony 1000XM2 Review

When buying NC or noise-canceling headphones, a device with a perfect mesh between comfort and quietness is the best choice, and the new Sony 1000XM2 is made for just that.

Over the years, noise-canceling headphones have risen up from being just a functional device to one that will help you survive a long flight to entertain you with good music. The latest NC headphone on the market today and is far ahead of its competitors is the 1000XM2 from Sony.

It is a newer version of the Sony 1000X, and there is no notable change in design at first glance. It still features the essentials such as the extremely comfortable pads and headband. The 1000XM2 also has that compact shape that comes with a semi-rigid case.

Extreme Comfortability

When buying any kind of headphones, comfortability is one of the primary factors that you should consider. No one wants to use a headphone that can hinder you from enjoying some good music after long hours of use because it hurts your head. When it comes to the Sony 1000XM2, that wouldn’t be a problem.

Aside from the comfortable pads and headband, the 1000XM2 is equipped with; it has a new atmospheric pressure atomizing feature. It helps the device adjust to the altitude wherever you are.

Moreover, the device also comes with an Adaptive Sound Control which is a companion app for Sony. It can detect your activity; whether you are sitting or walking to tweak the noise-control function accordingly.

Great Battery Life

Best Noise-Canceling Headphones: Sony 1000XM2 Review

Aside from the great design and comfortability, the Sony 1000XM2 has everything you want in your noise-canceling headphone such as long battery life. It can last for hours more than most leading NC headphones in the market you can find today.

The 1000XM2 has the same old Micro USB connection as a charging port, which is a little dated compared to other devices which now features a USB-C port. But, that is not precisely a downfall of the design if you are left with a device that gives you a significantly longer battery life.

Design Specs

The 1000XM2 still packs the same aesthetics and design of the old Sony models. The touch controls can still be found in the right ear cup. To adjust the volume of the headphones, all you have to do is swipe the controls up or down. Swiping back or forward will allow you to change the tracks. For playback, all you need to do is double tap the control.

While this is quite a unique design for headphone controls, some still find it a little odd. It is not the conventional physical button for each function like in other headphones. Several users even find it difficult to use the control. But, it is one of the notable features of the 1000XM2.


While there are some concerns about the rather uncomfortable controls design of the 1000XM2, its function and features as a noise-canceling headphone eliminate this tiny problem. When it comes to what matters most in this type of device which is quietness and utmost comfort after hours of usage, the Sony 1000XM2 is on the top tier. That reason alone makes it one of the best NC headphone on the market.


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