Best Smartphone Camera: Latest Google Pixel 2 Review

Google has already released its Pixel phone series. The new Google Pixel 2, the second generation, is what truly embodies its series name. It is specially designed and built to be having the best camera on a smartphone. The Pixel 2 fulfills the promise of having best-in-class photos along with its dual front-facing speakers and, most of all, its water-resistant body.

The latest Google Pixel 2 is made for everyone who favors having quality photos compared to the all-screen designs that are trending today.

Pixel 2: Great Overall Design

Best Smartphone Camera: Latest Google Pixel 2 Review

The design of the Pixel 2 is a lot likable especially with its dimension and form that can comfortably fit into the hand aside from being lightweight. It has a 5-inch all-screen front that can help you eke out a one-hand operation. The back part has retained the glass and metal design but with a lesser amount of glass than its predecessors.

The latest Pixel phone is also IP67 waterproof; it can go underwater to as deep as one meter or 3.3 feet for an hour.

If you open the box of the phone, you won’t find any USB-C earbuds inside. You won’t need these since the design of the Pixel 2 also doesn’t include a headphone jack. It only has a basic 3.5 mm USB-C adapter. It means that you have to buy better headphones or their Pixel Buds.

The Pixel 2 has dual stereo speakers at the front that somehow increase the top and bottom bezel of the phone. This type of design is now rare in smartphones these days, which have single stereo speakers at the back.

Full HD 1080p Screen and More

The 5-inch screen of the Google Pixel 2 looks stylish and excellent for full HD. It is both bright and colorful. It also works fine with the Google Daydream with its 1080p screen resolution.

One of the best features of the Pixel 2 is its latest always-on display. It shows the time, date, and notification icons along with the traditional double-tap-to-wake screen function. This new functionality and design make it easier to know what’s on your phone before you start your day.

Pixel 2 Features and Specifications

While some features remained the same as its predecessors, there are several new features and specifications that the Pixel 2 has introduced to the masses:

  • It has retained the same fast Snapdragon chipset like its older versions and 4GB of RAM, but the two work excellent for the Pixel 2.
  • It has better storage space at 64GB from the 32GB starter size last year, which can max out up to the new 128GB option.
  • It has great 10-second boot times.
  • It has 12.2 MP camera which can shoot excellent dimly lit photos.

Pixel 2 Reviews

The user ratings for the newly released Pixel 2 are quite positive. However, some picky users find the slightly wider top and bottom bezel at the front distracting. But this is part of Google’s functionality over fashion design which was done to provide better audio.


While it might not be as stylish as the current phones you can find on the market today, the Google Pixel 2 boasts the overall better user experience regarding functionality. It is especially useful for having quality photos any time of the day and in any lighting available.

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