Bose Portable Smart Speaker Review

Who Is Bose?

Bose Corporation was originally founded by Amar Bose who sought to improve sound quality for daily living. Amar’s interest in speakers inspired him to create the corporation to outperform the industry’s other competitors.

Bose is mostly known for producing high-quality speakers and headphones designed for your every need. Most of their products are usually an acquired taste; the product’s design and aesthetic should match your personality. For this review, we will look at the Bose Portable Smart Speaker and the features it promises its buyers. You will learn all its advantages and disadvantages to help with your buying decision.

The Bose Portable Smart Speaker

Many Bose enthusiasts anticipated the Bose Portable Smart Speaker and its entrance into the market. Given the current situation, customers found speakers as an excellent way to escape from reality through music. The Bose Portable Smart Speaker is one of the most sought-after devices to grant the customers the escape they sought for. Let us look at the different features that this portable home speaker offers us.


The Bose Portable Smart Speaker is relatively more affordable than its competitors in the market. Its competitors find this price a significant threat against their products. Bose found a way to improve the quality while minimizing the price their customers pay for the product. This speaker costs almost $349, depending on your location and accessibility.

The biggest theme this speaker exudes is portability and lightness. It feels very easy to carry around in your backpack wherever you go. The color you select also reflects the style and its overall aesthetic. The white-colored Bose speaker looks more futuristic to give you more confidence while carrying it around. If you are more minimalistic, you can also consider buying the black version to make it look more stylish and formal.

Unlike other speakers in the market, Bose designed their speaker to make it easier to carry around wherever you go. The bottom of the speaker allows the user to play their music louder in all directions. Bose also included a microphone on the speaker to prevent the hassle of disconnecting your phone to answer a call.

All the controls you see are on the top of the speaker. The power button, Bluetooth pairing system, and volume are all seen at the top. You also receive the control to turn off the microphone function if you have no need for it.

Being a Bluetooth speaker, Bose removes the hassle of bringing an AUX cord to play your music. All you need to do is to pair the speaker with your friend and blast away!


Sometimes you wonder how Bose could fit all its features into such a small device. One of the most significant features their customers love is the long battery life. You should not worry about needing to charge your speaker after a few hours of using it. This Bose speaker plays for over twelve hours before needing to recharge it.

Bose also provides you with an application to help customize your speaker. The Bose Home App allows you to connect the speaker to your Wi-fi to prevent anyone from hijacking your speaker. You also get to choose the voice on your speaker and the music service you want.

The speaker is also a “smart” speaker. The Bose Speaker is equipped with both Alexa and Google, depending on your preference. This feature also makes the speaker completely different from its other competitors. You can ask the Bose speaker for other like weather updates or their current obligations.

More importantly, you are buying a Bose speaker! You are also carrying the beautiful reputation that Bose took years to build. Bose designed the speaker to provide you with the maximum audio quality for your listening experience. While some Tech Experts might find flaws in the audio build, you should not experience any inconvenience while listening to your music.

The speaker can also project itself loud enough to reach farther places. You can easily place this speaker beside you on a beach and still hear the music from the shoreline. Unfortunately, the bass you will experience might be subpar compared to its other competitors. However, you should still experience the same audio quality and listening experience while using it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Bose Portable Smart Speaker


  • Very beautiful design
  • Good sound quality
  • Capable of Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Bluetooth capability
  • Very good projection


  • Relatively more expensive than its competitors
  • Bass can be improved

The Bose Website

The Bose website is the best website to buy your Bose speakers from. Buying directly from the manufacturer can save you significant markup from other resellers. You also get to receive exclusive promotions that only the manufacturing company can provide.

More importantly, you also assure yourself of the product’s quality when purchasing directly from the manufacturer. In this way, Bose can ensure that the products they deliver to you are completely authentic and free from any defects. You could also receive different guarantees from the company if you experience any defects when using the product. Bose can provide you a return guarantee or a warranty if the product fails to meet your expectations.

Final Thoughts

Despite whatever you heard about the company before, the Bose Portable Smart Speaker is an amazing innovation by the company. At a price more reasonable than its competitors, you get to experience the trademark sound-quality many tech enthusiasts speak about. While Bose could still improve in many other ways, this product is just one of the many products under their product line that will blow you away.

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