Bose Soundsport Free- Headphone With A Sturdy Design

Bose SoundSport is a wireless headphone which is very comfortable and comes with outstanding sound quality. These headphones are wireless with a sturdy design. They have nice earbud tips which make them a bit more comfortable. They are also decently breathable and are fit for running and doing exercise.

It is sweat and water resistant. It is available at a reasonable price. It is beneficial in running and doing exercise as because it is resistant to sweat and it’s uniquely designed that if you run then, it won’t come out from your ears. When you unbox the product, you will get the wireless headphones, USB Cable, Warranty card and User manual.


These headphones are well built and are durable. They are little bulkier than other wireless headphones. These are available in three decent colors and they are flashy yellow, blue and black. The buds feel premium and sturdy in hand, but as soon it gets into the ears it sticks which don’t seem to be ideal for everyone.


These headphones are quite comfortable. When we use these headphones, then there will be no pain or stress and won’t give any harm to your ears. The voice is heart soothing. If you are tensed, then this headphone will provide you comfort and relax your mind.  The earbuds provided are made of silicon which is comfortable in nature. It is provided with three buttons on the mic which are for increasing/decreasing the volume and for receiving calls/ending calls/play/pause.


Bose Soundsport Free

It measures the length of  30.5 mm, breadth of 25.4 mm and depth of 30.5 mm.
Brand Name – Bose
Product Type – Earset
Manufacturer – Bose Corporation
Product Line –Soundsport
Product Name –Soundsport Wireless Headphones


The Bose sound is perfect for this kind of earphone too, the kind of powerful, punchy bass that will encourage you running a bit faster and make you stress-free. Most importantly it is not soupy, sloppy bass that spoils the rhythmic impact. The sound is very clear with makes you feel relax from inside. These earphones are dynamic. They are fun all round. These are well sounding earphones at a reasonable cost. Bose has managed to craft a sound with good detail, no harshness, and no clear focus on one part of the frequency spectrum that might turn some of you off.


The Bose SoundSport Wireless is more conventional as like SoundSport Pulse. They have lose heart rate tracking, and everything else.
They are comfortable with the perfect sound quality and are easy to use and adjustable and does not cost high. Best product at a reasonable price.

Basic Information

Sound Mode – Stereo
Connectivity Technology – Wireless
Wireless Technology – Bluetooth
Earpiece Design – Ear Bud
Earpiece Type – Binaural
Form Factor – In-Ear
Colors – Yellow Black And Blue
Dimensions – 30.5mm, 25.4mm, 30.5mm
Microphone Design – On – Cable

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