DIY Guru Bob Clagett’s Nintendo Switch Controller

ELIZABETHTOWN, Kentucky – It was surprising to a lot of fans that the Nintendo Switch has very small individual game cards. Those that have children running around at home should be more vigilant and careful when it comes to these things. There has to be a sense of cautiousness to avoid any unexpected hospital expenses. Furthermore, you wouldn’t want to spend around $60 on a small piece of plastic that easily vanishes into thin air.

Bob Clagett, a YouTube influencer and creator of “I Like to Make Stuff,” thought of the same recurring issue for all Nintendo Switch users. In his most recent video, he demonstrates how his viewers can make a Nintendo Switch controller that has a double purpose, some form of box for storing the cards.

A lot of people have been hooked on Bob Clagett’s videos and his latest invention regarding the Nintendo Switch’s controller/storage unit. Some of his videos would include “The Shoretrooper Helmet Build,” a project that is close to many’s hearts. This video practically shows everyone how to create various practical items that you can use daily in your home.

This particular project requires a bunch of tools like woodworking equipment, laser cutter, a 3D printer, and many more. The design of the project focuses on the idea that a set of rails should be attached to the system’s Joy-Con. With this, you’ll be able to access the instructions and files online, and it’s for free on Bob Clagett’s website. The laser cutter is then used to cut some parts of the box.

DIY Guru Bob Clagett’s Nintendo Switch Controller

Bob Clagett also suggests other tools that may be used as an alternative considering that some tools are not a common household item. In this case, you can use the normal woodworking equipment. He proceeds to glue the various pieces together and cut some holes in some areas of the sheets of craft foam to hold the games.

By gluing those sections into a piece that typically slides in and out of the box, you’ll be able to arrive at an efficient way of storing your game cards and never losing it again. As soon as he screwed on the rails for the controller and everything into place, the neat and impressive controller is made.

Bob Clagett’s videos don’t necessarily mean that you need to purchase expensive tools to create and copy some of his inventions for practical reasons because if we are talking about practicality, you’d rather buy something that is most likely similar to Bob Clagett’s inventions. As mentioned, there are times when he would suggest alternative tools to perform some of his workshops.

Everything in Bob Clagett’s channel includes demonstration videos and workshops that are pretty doable. He may use some very complicated tools that you don’t typically see in a normal household, but the whole process is really basic – everyone can do it.

If everything is to be simplified, all you need is glue, a saw, and some basic measurement skills and tools. As for the 3D printer, you may want to visit your maker space or local library for more information for your DIY Nintendo Switch controller.

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