Enhance Your Functionality With The Keychron Keyboard

Recently, Keychron has launched its slim and sleek design keyboard for Mac. It has gained a lot of heartfelt reviews from the market because of its wonderful and befitting features like it is very slim and lightweight. Although, many mechanical keyboards have already been launched none was as good as the Keychron keyboard for Mac for various reasons like it is light and portable. Now, it is being loved by every user that means not only gamers but also coders and businessmen can use it with great ease.

The sleek and finished design of this keyboard is built from aircraft-grade aluminum which clearly demonstrates how durable it is. It is a suitable option for those who have to go on a lot of business trips and aggressive gamers. The manufacturers have included other useful components in the box, i.e., USB cable, key removing tool and some extra keycap, which indeed is very useful. It is also cheap and affordable compared to other mechanical keyboards. It ranges from $74 to $94 dollars in its different models, so you can select according to your needs and preferences.

Keychron Keyboard

Convenient layout

A very simple reason that this could be the best keyboard ever for Mac users, is that earlier there were very fewer options when people wanted a mechanical keyboard. Now they can choose their most convenient model from the different models of Keychron only. It is now available in the market in three different models, viz. 87 key RGB, 87 key LED and 104 key RBG. It is not so hard to guess how beautiful it’s going to be. For the people who will be using it in the dark. The 87-key version has the dimensions of 335 X 120 X 18mm of 650g approximately while other models with 104 keys are about 805g and 435 X 120 X 18mm.


You can get it in two types, i.e. wireless or wired. Not everyone prefers to carry it with them and to enjoy the rest of the features of Keychron; they can save a little by buying the wired model. You can connect wired and wireless models with 3 devices at a time. The wireless model uses Bluetooth while the wired model uses Type-C cable. Apart from supporting all contemporary versions of iOS and macOS, it can also be connected to Windows.

Super typing speed

Another reason that it has gained many appraisals in the market is its tactile keys. They are way slimmer than the keys of any other mechanical keyboard. They are specially designed to enhance the speed of a user with very soft keys. Comparing it with other mechanical keyboards, its keys require very less force and eventually increase the typing speed.

Siri compatible

This is the most luring feature that is compelling Apple users to own this beautiful mechanical keyboard. There is a separate key for activation of Siri on the top row of the keyboard. You can activate it and use all the features of Siri as you have always used in your other Siri devices.


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