Fairphone 4 Review: Eco-friendly and Top Performing

Who doesn’t need smartphones these days? These devices help us get through the day, especially nowadays that opportunities are mostly available online. You can use a smartphone for communication, photography, entertainment, and music playing, which is why many people invest in a performing one. 

Most smartphones have the same features, but have you heard of a smartphone that’s planet-friendly? If you’re curious to know more about this model, here’s the Fairphone 4 review to convince you why it’s worth the try.  

What’s in the Box? 

The box comes with a Fairphone 4 unit that measures 6.38 by 2.97 by 0.41. It follows the size of most smartphones in the market, which is why many users love it. Holding the phone, especially when you’re in public or you’re walking, is not very hassling because it’s not too small or big. Moreover, it’s lightweight, measuring 225 grams. 

The style is another feature you’ll undoubtedly love about this smartphone because it’s unique and comes in three colors. You can choose from Gray, Speckled Green, or Green. Furthermore, what you’ll love about this phone is that it’s splash and dust resistant. 

You can count on this model’s sturdiness because it comes from premium-quality materials, making it long-lasting compared to other entry-level smartphones. It may use a plastic material on the back and frame, but these are eco-friendly. It’s one edge that makes it more unique than other brands. 

There are no other freebies along with this smartphone because it only comes with the charger. There are no stylus pens and covers, which might disappoint you if you expect a lot from this brand. 


  • Display Resolution: 1080p by 2340p
  • Processor: Qualcomm SM7225 Snapdragon
  • Internal Storage: 128GB or 256GB
  • RAM: 6GB or 8GB
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.1, Wi-Fi 802.11
  • Camera: Main uses 48MP wide lens and 48MP ultra-wide lens; 25MP wide lens
  • Ports: USB Type-C 


The Fairphone 4 is a suggested smartphone from its league because of many features, like the following. 

The battery life is exceptional because it’s long-lasting compared to other smartphones. It will last you over a day with moderate use, making it very desirable for outdoor activities. You don’t have to recharge immediately, so you don’t need to carry the charger around. On another note, if you need to recharge, it’s fast-charging, letting you recharge to a full battery in an hour. 

When it comes to this model’s performance, it’s also impressive since it uses Qualcomm SM7225 Snapdragon. Switching from one application to a new one is not hassling because there’s no lag or slowness at all. You can multitask without any problem, which is one reason why users admire it. You can browse the internet or watch movies without interruption because of its fast performance.

You can also have a good time in gaming because of its 6GB or 8GB RAM. It adds to its overall performance, letting you play any game at its finest. When you use this phone, your gaming performance is not compromised. Furthermore, it makes the phone top-performing.  

You might feel a little disappointed with its camera because it uses a low-quality one. For its level, the quality of the camera is typical. It still gives a decent shot, making it ideal for selfies and other camera modes. However, you may not have a high-quality photo output, unlike other brands. Nonetheless, the 48MP lens on the rear and the 25MP lens on the front contribute to its overall quality. 

The display resolution of this mobile phone is impressive because of its 1080p by 2340p resolution. You’ll undoubtedly enjoy watching movies or series on your phone because of its high-definition graphics. Aside from that, playing any video game on your phone is more desirable because of its display. It may fall short on the camera’s quality, but it doesn’t fail to meet users’ expectations when it comes to its display. 

Lastly, the audio quality also gives a decent output to users. You can play any music on stereo because it produces a balanced audio quality. You can listen to your favorite songs without any discomfort because it doesn’t produce noise at all. You can turn the volume up and still enjoy what you’re hearing. However, it doesn’t have any audio jack, preventing you from using wired headphones or earphones. You can connect through Bluetooth if you want to use a wireless device. 


  • Sturdy body
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Uses eco-friendly materials


  • Low camera-quality
  • Temperamental fingerprint sensor
  • No headphone or earphone jack


The Fairphone 4 comes with many competitive features that will blow your mind. Users gave it an above-average rating despite some points that need improvements. 

The performance is already exceptional, which draws users’ attention further because using this Fairphone model is convenient. It doesn’t lag at all, even when you change applications. You can do anything without sluggishness, especially playing video games. When you add the 6GB or 8GB RAM, you will enjoy using this smartphone more. 

The battery life is also another feature you’ll appreciate about this mobile phone. It will last over a day, which is handy if you often spend time outdoors. You can also quickly recharge when you have to recharge, making the battery full again in an hour. 

Lastly, the display resolution is exceptional as well. Compared to other brands, the display of this model is high definition. You can enjoy anything on the screen, even when you’re editing photos, watching videos, or playing gamers. You wouldn’t expect the quality to be very impressive if you assess it through its entry-level. 

However, the camera of this mobile phone is not impressive at all. It’s below-average, which is why many users didn’t appreciate the quality. It may give decent shots, but there is still a lot to improve on its front and rear cameras. 

Nonetheless, considering this model is wise because the rest of the features are very impressive. The performance and battery life will not fail you at all. Plus, the audio quality and display resolution also add to its overall goodness. If you can’t think of what smartphone to buy, you should consider the Fairphone 4.  

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