Fire HD 8 Plus Review

Amazon’s Fire tablet series has been the go-to gadget for bargain hunters. It serves as a portable entertainment gadget for a very affordable price tag. However, Amazon’s fresh twist of the new Fire tablet model may leave you wondering which one to buy.

Amazon unveils their newest gadget, which includes two variants: a baseline Fire HD 8 and the Fire HD 8 Plus, which has a slightly better performance and wireless charging.

For this review, you will learn about the distinctive qualities of the Fire HD 8 Plus compared to its cheaper sibling, the standard Fire HD 8.

This Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus review will give you a complete rundown of the Amazon Fire tablet specs, including a final verdict about its performance.

Excellent multimedia features

If you are looking for a less-expensive tablet to satisfy your entertainment needs, you might consider getting the Fire HD 8 Plus. Compared to its previous 2018 version, this Fire tablet is significantly snappier. It offers 3GB RAM and 2GHz processors, which provide better performance than the Fire HD 8.

The upgraded RAM for the Fire HD 8 Plus makes it significantly faster than its older versions. You can access apps much faster, and it can also help you with multitasking and other graphically intense programs.

For gaming addicts, this is the best part. The Fire HD 8 Plus has a new Game Mode that optimizes tablet performance, which disables recurring Alexa alerts, and hides notifications. No need to worry about receiving random alerts that will disturb your gaming experience.

If you love playing SimCity and Real Racing 3, you’ll find the Fire HD 8 Plus slightly smoother than other tablets. You can also access the home screen, including other apps at a much quicker pace.

Like the Fire HD 8, the Fire HD 8 Plus is a handy tablet for media consumption such as music, ebooks, and videos. For your binge-watching activities, you can also access video streaming apps such as Netflix and Hulu.

Aside from your entertainment needs, the Fire HD Plus is also useful for professional meetings. Amazon has moved the front camera to landscape mode. It’s pretty convenient if you are using video calling apps such as Zoom.

There is also a “Show mode,” which turns into a version of Amazon’s Echo Show, the screen-based video calling device. You can talk to Alexa, check news updates, place video calls, and watch TV shows.

The Fire HD 8 Plus works for you if you are an Amazon Prime Subscriber. Plus, if you find shopping a relaxing experience, the Fire HD 8 Plus can get you hooked on several Amazon content.

Long Battery Life

One of the unique features that set apart Fire HD 8 Plus from other Fire tablets is battery performance. Its battery life can run up to 12 hours, which is two hours longer than previous models.

If you stick to low battery-draining activities, such as reading, listening to music, and watching videos offline, the Fire HD 8 Plus can last for almost 12 hours within a single full charge.

During Game Mode, the tablet can run six to eight hours of usage, which is still pretty realistic for a cheap tablet. You don’t have to think about a sudden battery drop because the battery drain is also consistent, whether you are playing games or streaming Netflix videos.

If the tablet is on standby, Fire HD 8 Plus can last for several days with intermittent usage. It also comes with a well-designed Wireless Charging Dock. While charging, the Fire HD 8 Plus does its double duty through the Echo Show. You can always charge the battery any time you want and access Amazon content.

If you need a decent tablet with an excellent battery life with fast and wireless charging, you should consider buying one.

What’s good?

Do you still have questions? Check out this list for Fire HD 8 Plus specs:

  • Fast and wireless charging
  • Faster processor
  • Better front camera location
  • Hands-free Alexa voice-assistant
  • 3GB of RAM
  • Wireless charging dock turns into an Echo Show
  • 12 hours of battery life
  • Improved USB-C charging
  • Weighs 355 g (12.52 oz)
  • Refined design and sturdy plastic back
  • Multi-user support and parental controls

The Fire HD 8 Plus is indeed a better version than the previous models of Fire tablets. Amazon focused on its effort to improve the tablet’s component for optimum performance. Its hardware feature includes a faster processor, refined design, and longer battery life, among others.

The price starts at $ 110, which is a little pricey compared to the previous models. However, it is an easy sell for a device that matches your entertainment needs.

What’s Bad?

If you treat Fire HD 8 Plus as any other full-on tablet, you’re going to be disappointed. The Fire HD 8 Plus is not worth your coin if you are looking for a gadget capable of extreme multitasking and slick gaming,

The Fire tablets are useful enough to access Amazon’s services, but it cannot keep up with the features you usually associate with high-performance tablet computers. Plus, it also has a mediocre camera quality and a dim screen. With its inexpensive price tag, you get what you pay for on this tablet.

However, Fire HD 8 Plus is still an ideal family tablet that is worth the price. It may not be as good as an iPad, but you’ll save a lot of money if you need a tablet to watch videos or read books.

Final words: Should you buy it?

The Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus is the latest model on Amazon’s Fire tablet series. They designed an affordable device, dedicated to their Prime subscribers. It also serves an excellent entertainment slate for users who love to watch movies, read, and play games on a widescreen.

To be clear, the Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus is ideal for Amazon Prime Customers. However, you may consider buying it if you want a table with wireless charging features, a family tablet intended for entertainment use, or a better upgrade from the previous Fire HD 8.

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