Fitbit Ionic- Fitness First Smartwatch

The Ionic from Fitbit is an ambitious watch which is loaded with all the fitness features. But the ionic does more than a fitness tracker. It is a complete solution to all your fitness needs along with that it also serves as a smartphone. Fitbit Ionic is not competing with other Fitbit models but with Apple smartwatches and therefore it comes all the latest features. The Ionic is a hybrid watch which has an open SDK, NFC payments option and a really powerful battery which last quite long. However, it stills lacks the cellular connectivity feature and the watch is more focused on fitness than anything else. So if you want to buy a watch with fitness goals in mind, then I doubt there is anything better than the latest Ionic.

The rectangle dial makes it different

Fitbit Ionic is not like most other smartwatches which come with a circular dial, but it comes with a rectangular dial which really feels good in the hand. The screen measures 1.2 inches long and 0.85 inches wide. Diagonally it measures 1.5 inches which are sufficient enough to use it comfortably. It has a resolution of 348 x 250.

Surely the dial is not the best looking one but the screen is what matters the most and it has rich colors, high brightness to be used comfortably in daylight with very sharp images and icons.

The Ionic dial comes with replaceable straps and you can freely choose your favorite color.

Compatible with all the major mobile OS

Fitbit Ionic

The Ionic is compatible with all the major mobile platforms including Android, Windows and iOS. This makes it one of the best wearables out there. You can pair it up with your phone and can keep track of your activities. The watch also gives you notification alerts from different applications.

Excellent battery

The Ionic comes with a high performing rechargeable battery. The battery last for as long as four days on a single full charge. Using the GPS makes the battery drain faster and on continuously using the GPS you need to charge the watch after 10 hours. Very few smartwatches come with this much longer battery life.

Your Fitness Companion

The Ionic focuses more on the fitness than anything else and the watch can efficiently monitor and guide you while you are exercising. The steps counter and heart rate monitor is really accurate. You can use the watch during any activity or sports. This includes walking, jogging, biking and even swimming as the watch is fully water resistant.

Then there is sleep monitor and GPS and well. The Sleep monitor works can even record small naps of as low as 15 minutes.

That’s all about the Fitbit Ionic. The Ionic can be a really good companion for your workouts. The watch is the best alternative to the Apple Watches and it performs almost equally and sometimes even better from top fitness watches. The watch is currently available for $250 and it is a must buy option for fitness enthusiasts.

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