Fossil Q Activist Review- The old style Smartwatch

The Fossil Q Activist is neither a complete traditional timepiece nor a fully usable smartwatch with a touch screen dial. It is a hybrid watch which looks like any other traditional watch out there, but it is capable of doing more than traditional watches. The watch can count your steps; monitor your sleep, calories burned and more. It can be connected with your phone to get notifications from different apps just like any other smartwatch.

However, what’s unique here is that there is no LCD display in the watch. Instead of using a display the watch used the mechanical arms to convey the messages or notifications.

The Q activist is a Fossil’s latest version of the Q hybrid watches, but it lacks LCD display which is present in most other watches of the series. You will really fall in love with this masterpiece from fossil which gives you the best of both traditional and smartwatch.

Display and looks

In terms of look, the Fossil Q Activist is just a simple looking timepiece with mechanical arms. It has a big round dial measuring 1.63 inches. The dial is quite big and it is not suitable for those having a small wrist.


Fossil Q Activist needs not to be charged. Instead of installing a chargeable battery fossil has kept it simple and has used a replace cell in the watch. The battery easily lasts for 6 months and you need to get it replaced after that period. This saves you from charging it every day.

Activity Tracker

Fossil Q Activist

Now let have a look at the onboard sensors. The watch comes with a step counter, calorie calculator and sleeps monitoring sensor. There is no GPS or heart rate monitor present in the app because you cannot use it without an LCD screen. The watch can count your steps; calorie burned, hours slept, quality of sleep, distance covered and other activity. The step calculator is quite accurate and sleep monitor is also fairly good.

The watch can be paired up with your smartphone using the Bluetooth. Then you can set the apps from which you want to get the notifications. There is no USB connector in the watch.

Smart Remote Features

Using the watch you can control a few things of your smartphone like the camera shutter, you can also control the music, change the tracks and there is also a find my phone feature using which you can search for your lost phone using the Activist Q.

The best part about the watch is you are going to get all this for as low as $155. The Fossil Q Activist is a watch that looks really nice and it performs well. There are many on board sensors installed using which you can track your day to day activities. Along with that, it comes with a replaceable battery which lasts for around 6 months. This saves you from charging it every day. Overall the watch is for those who want to enjoy the benefits of a pure smartwatch in an old style watch.

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