Game Boy on Android: Hyperkin SmartBoy 2017 Review

A retro gaming gadget that is designed to give new life to your favorite old Game Boy cartridges as it says in the box, the Hyperkin SmartBoy, does exactly as it advertises.

It gives you a way to read Game Boy game cartridges and have them available for playing on your Android phone through a USB-C which is particularly compatible with Samsung phones. The SmartBoy is especially ideal for the retro gamers who are looking to have their Game Boy Color and Game Boy games on the go. It gives every player a chance to horde their favorite games and play it whenever and wherever they want.

Using the Hyperkin SmartBoy is as easy as slotting your USB-C smartphone into the SmartBoy and putting in your choice of title in the cartridge slot. You can then enjoy the retro action. More than having an on-the-go gaming system, the new device is even much better than the original Game Boy system. That is in terms of both the audio and screen. Since you are using your smartphone’s screen to play, it’s much more superior, and you will also have a crisper sound.

Game Boy on Android Hyperkin SmartBoy 2017 Review

What’s Inside the Box?

The SmartBoy box features the photo of the device on the front with a “Designed for Samsung” sticker at the bottom right. When you open the box, you can only find the Hyperkin SmartBoy device that is held securely by two foam surrounds and a manual that you can see below the gadget.

There are no other things you can find inside the box except for those two because those are only what you will need to make some retro games come to life.

Excellent Overall Build Quality

At first glance and first touch, the Hyperkin SmartBoy looks and feels like the lower half of the original Game Boy. It has the same grey buttons and ribbed rear slats. But that is where the identical features of the old and the new devices end.

One of the noticeable changes you can find on the SmartBoy is the contactable and extendable sides which will pop out and clip in when you press the button at the back. This particular function is what makes the SmartBoy excellent when it comes to the build quality. It can accommodate different sizes of Android phones.

Most Sensible Gaming Performance

Opening the box of the device, you can quickly proceed to gaming after a few setups, and this is where the SmartBoy makes the most sense.

Modern Android phones can give your choice of game a color lush and crisp screen from the reflective 160 × 144-pixel STN LCD screen of the original Game Boy. The phone’s audio system is also a definite improvement from the original device. You can play your favorite Game Boy game with as much as 65 dB enhanced volume, depending on your smartphone’s features.


If you don’t want to carry your old Game Boy around or you simply want to play your all-time favorite retro games in a better screen and with better audio, the SmartBoy would be perfect. While the Hyperkin SmartBoy is labeled “Designed for Samsung,” it is compatible on most phones with a USB-C slot.


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