Google Assistant -The Best Assistant Available In The Market

Google Assistant is one of the smartest bots available in the field these days. It is getting way better day by day. This virtual assistant was launched in 2016, and It has been doing wonders since then. Just like any other virtual assistant, Google assistant can do various things for you. The company has made multiple innovations in the meantime which have made Google Assistant the most loved virtual assistant. This article will help you have a better understanding of the Google Assistant. You will find answers to questions like how it works and what all it can do here.

About Google Assistant

Google Assistant

As the name says, Google launched the Google assistant. The virtual assistant is powered by amazing artificial intelligence. You can see this bots on various devices, smartphones and, smart speakers. With great innovations and amendments over the years, Google Assistant is now able to make 2-way communication very easily. The bots runs smoothly on various wearables and third-party smartphones. This is yet another reason why it is ranked one of the best virtual assistants. All you need is an android device, and you are ready to interact with the Google Assistant.

What can Google Assistant do for you?

Well, Google Assistant can do almost anything and everything, excluding physical jobs. There is a vast list of things this virtual assistant can do for you.

  • It can help you in making your home a smart-home by controlling all your smart devices.
  • This bots is also capable of diving into the sea of information to search for answers to all your questions.
  • Syncing your devices with your email will help your assistant in assisting you with important dates and meeting schedules.
  • GA can also make a variety of bookings for you. It can make restaurant bookings, and it can also book movie tickets.
  • You can always ask your virtual assistant to set the alarm and reminder for you.
  • GA can also read all of your notifications for you.

The list does not end here. We can conclude that Google Assistant can do a lot of work for its users. Improvements are continuously made, so, we can definitely expect great features in the future as well.

Devices That Offer Google Assistant

Most of the Android devices available in the market these days have Google Assistant pre-built. Devices like Google Pixels, Smartwatches supporting Android OS, Android TV and Smart Speakers like Google Home. These are the most common devices that support GA.

Getting Started with Google Assistant

Google has decided to expand, which means more users will be able to access Google Assistant. Most of Android Devices comes with an inbuilt GA. All you got to do is either say ‘OK Google’ or long press the home button on your phone. If your device does not have a Google Assistant, you can easily get it from the play store. Google Assistant is also available for iPhone devices. You can download it from the App Store. These applications, however, come with a few restrictions.


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