Google Pixel Slate- A Hybrid Tablet Cum Laptop

The Google Pixel Slate is undoubtedly a great device which is both smooth and efficient. Google Pixel state is not just a tablet but also a Chromebook when it is attached with the pixel slate keyboard. The pixel slate is suitable for multitasking and it can handle a large amount of data just like any laptop. While many other tablet manufacturers fail to build a hybrid tablet cum laptop, Google made it possible with the Pixel Slate. The slate converts from an Android tablet to a fully functional touchscreen laptop in no time. The performance and functioning of the Pixel Slate is even better than the original Chromebook.

The Pixel Slate looks premium in hand but it holding it might be a problem as it is even bigger than the iPad Pro which is already a 12.9-inch tablet. But the same size becomes an advantage when you will connect with the keyboard. You will feel really comfortable using it both a tablet as well as the laptop.


The Google Pixel Slate comes with unmatched performance and you cannot demand anything more. The Pixel Slate is powered by the latest mobile processor of Intel the Core i5 8500Y. This is very low power chipset especially designed for slim devices like the Slate. The Slate is then paired up with UHD 615 integrated graphics which makes the gaming experience really good. You will never be going to experience and slow or freeze during your everyday task. The multitasking is again really good and you can switch between different apps with ease.


The battery life of the Slate is also quite good. The all the models of Pixel Slate comes with a 48Wh battery which is reported to last for around 12 hours of continuous usage. The pixel slate charges also very rapidly and only a 15 to 30 minutes of quick charging is sufficient for another couple of hours of use.

Display and Storage

Google Pixel Slate

The pixel slate comes with a 12.3 inches touch screen panel. The resolution of the display is 3000 x 2000 pixels. The screen size is perfect for both home and office use. The color reproduction and brightness are also fine. The slate is very slim and measures only 7 mm in terms of thickness.

Talking about the storage, the slate comes in many different storage variants. The internal storage ranges between 32 GB TO 256 GB. You can also choose between the 4 GB and 16 GB RAM.


  • Sleek Design
  • Great Keyboard and TouchPad
  • Google Assistant support
  • Great Battery backup
  • Charges quite fast
  • Premium look and powerful


  • Really expensive
  • Occasional App crashing


The pixel slate is a great device and you can buy it for sure. Performance wise the tablet will surely not disappoint you. The design is sleek and premium and it comes with a huge display. Then you can also convert it to a laptop by attaching the keyboard. However, the only downside of the Slate is its price which is really expensive.

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