Google Pixel USB-C Earbuds Review

This month at Google Mega hardware event their team launched a new member of the buds family of the pixel of earphones, the pixel USB-C earbuds. They are available for 30 dollars in a pack. They are simple and descent. You just need to plug in your mobile and play.

This review is separate from the pixel 3 review

These pixel buds are very good. When we compare it to the basic earphones which are disposable both in engineering and design. This Google Pixel USB-C earbuds removes the barrier of the headphone jack which technology has imposed on us. Sometimes ago we all used the wired earphones which were hanging outside of the bags or was tucked in the pockets of the jacket. So we plugged those earphones in out laptop, Television, and mobiles while going to the university. Believe me; earphones made the university more lovely and a bearable place.

But some companies like Apple think that this 3.5mm space is very large and can be used for another interesting feature and boom that headphone jack was gone. This was a mind-blowing replacement for the earphones which took space of 3.5mm jack. There comes the manufacture of these kinds of earplugs but which are economical, struggle started. But still, this kind of product doesn’t exist. Many different tech scientists around the world tried to remake these Apple USB-C earbuds that are economical, but three of them failed.

Here comes the Google as usual

Google Pixel USB-C Earbuds

Now Google reformed this pair of USB-C earbuds that cost as low as 30 dollars. A classic act of Google. Name a feature, and you will find it in Google buds. Some of its features are:

  1. They have a great sound
  2. They don’t mess with your ears, e., very comfortable to wear.
  3. These Earphones are compatible with almost all the modern devices.
  4. They are very economical.


Let’s talk about the design of Google earphones. A white wire goes to your USB-C plugs which is exactly of the same size as your phone charging cable is. The buds of the USB-C plugs are of pebble shape and give a glossy look from inside. Outside of the earbuds are matte-no shine. Remote control of three buttons reside in the center of the white wire, and if you long press the middle button, it will give access to Google assistant. The microphone also resides on this remote control. Black ones are more preferred over whites because you don’t need to clean them. Black hides the dirt, unlike white color.

These Earbuds fit except the polarizer nature of wire. In fact, it makes the earbuds unnoticeable and easy to use. Loops will be formed which is again a good thing. In this way, the wire is not tangled.

A voice from the earbuds is clear like crystal. The music played in it is very smooth and faithful. Voice doesn’t come outside which is a problem with many earphones. The sound is very sharp and crisp.

Final verdict

Unless you are not a blind fan of Apple company, you will never reject these Google USB-C plugs. They have proven to be exceptional in everything i.e., price, reliability, and other features. They are a revolution in this modern age. Do try it!


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