GoPro Karma Drone: A Multi-Purpose Gadget for Travelers

GoPro Karma Drone functions as a drone, a camera, and a gimbal. This multi-purpose device is a must-have of every photo-loving traveler. Know why here!

Nowadays, the momentary thrill of every outdoor adventure can be preserved through beautiful pictures. Thanks to the technology we all know as a drone, which perfectly captures a long stretch of river, an extensive mountainous background or the top view of an entire camp. Aerial imaging has undeniably gone a long way ahead. From being just a device for film production, the drone is now a favorite personal gadget that is a constant part of a traveler’s checklist. With that said you cannot go wrong with the GoPro Karma Drone.

American technology company GoPro saw this increasing need for a drone and ventured into aerial imaging by introducing the GoPro Karma Drone. As it is known for its popular action cameras, GoPro assured that its new product offering is more than just the regular drone. Here are some features of GoPro’s wide-ranging device for documenting outdoor memories:

Convenient Foldable Design

Launched in September 2016, GoPro Karma with HERO5 Black was on the front line in the surge of compact quads in the market. With a measurement of 14.4 x 8.8 x 3.5 inches, it is certainly more compact than the DJ Phantom drone series that have been topping the market’s list of unmanned aerial vehicles for some years. Though a smaller gadget called Mavic Pro was released soon after its debut, GoPro Karma Drone is a portable device that can readily fit in the traveler’s bag. With a foldable design, this drone is not a hassle to bring even in adventures that require many hours of trekking.

Remarkable Quality of Video

The portable design of GoPro Karma Drone is just the tip of the iceberg. The most exciting feature of this gadget is its outstanding video quality. Having GoPro Hero5 as its camera, this drone captures videos and images with bright and lively colors, extensive reach, and excellent image resolution.

Multi-functional Gadget

With versatility at its core, Karma Drone functions more than just a drone. Its parts can be disassembled to transform into individual useful devices, a camera gimbal, and a separate action camera. Together with the rotors, the gimbal maintains the stability of footages taken from the action camera. Hence, even if the drone is at its maximum speed, the videos taken are not blurred and unsteady. Moreover, a standalone GoPro Hero5 can be used not just for aerial imaging.

Drone Stability

By merely incorporating the camera’s stabilizer into the Karma Grip, a user can record on-foot exploits. The hand-held stabilizer irons out any unnecessary movements while walking. The Karma Grip is designed to improve the stability of the drone. However, there are still instances when vibrations and shakings cannot be avoided.

Instant No-sweat Editing

Some users prefer to post their videos online right away. Since a few minor edits might be needed prior posting, GoPro offers two mobile apps that make it easy for users to instantly edit videos taken by the drone: Quik and Splice.

The GoPro Karma Drone is one of the latest drones in the market that offers more than just the role of a drone. It is a great gadget that functions as a drone, a camera, and a pivoted support. This multi-purpose device is a must-have for every photo-loving traveler.

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