Great Design: Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 Review

Most of the smartwatches you can find in the market today are not usually designed to be fashion-focused. However, the latest Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 is not your typical wearable. It is one of the newest attempts of the brand to create and provide the masses with not just a fashionable wristwatch but also a device that can provide the same functionality of an Android wear product and more.

The Connected Modular 45 might be a little expensive compared with other brands and models, but it has something to offer that you can’t just find in a typical smartwatch.

Premium Design With a Lot of Versions

One of the cutting edges of the new Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 is its premium design features nothing less than the Tag Heuer design ethic. More than that, it also includes a little bit of customization. While you can’t make your own design of the watch, there are about 56 different versions you can choose from.

You can also select your preferred material for the watch’s bezel with choices from aluminum, ceramic, titanium, to diamonds. The colors of the bezel also vary depending on your preference. The smartwatch’s price will primarily depend on the materials you chose to make up your product.

Great Design Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 Review

As its name implies, the watch has a 45-mm diameter and is about 13.7-mm thick. It has a sporty style that can suit large wrists. Moreover, its waterproof design is an advantage to people who usually goes in the water. It does look expensive, but the weight of the Connected Modular 45 is just about 62.5 grams that it also feels lightweight and premium.

Connected Modular 45 Specifications and Performance

While the Connected Modular 45 looks magnificent on the outside, it’s not the only feature that makes the entire wearable device amazing. Inside it, there is an Intel Atom Z34XX chipset which can run all applications you want with quick notifications. It is also paired with a 512 megabytes of RAM that makes the smartwatch extremely capable of running apps and handling games.

More than that, the Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 also features a 4 gigabyte of storage which is the standard in the industry at the moment. Its NFC function is also helpful if you are using Android Pay, and you can now efficiently do this from your wrist.

The Connected Modular 45 also makes it easier when you left your phone or want to avoid the hassle of using your phone because of its built-in WiFi and GPS tracking.


The Connected Modular 45 is the latest smartwatch that will surely inspire people to work out, especially with its Google Fit application along with other fitness apps you can find in Google Play Store. But more than that, with the Connected Modular 45, you are given a device that is not just convenient and efficient but is also stylish, something most smartwatches are not.

While it might not be the most budget-friendly, the specs and functions as well as the design are sure worth the price. The great thing about the Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 is that it is compatible with most of the modern smartphones right now from Android to iOS.

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