Hear it and Hear It Loud: Google Home Max Review

Google Home Max is released to make your living room a nicer place for music and voice. This smart speaker is Google’s answer to its competitors like Microsoft. This smart speaker is set to be more affordable yet gives the quality just like the expensive ones in the market.

Google Home Max has a virtual assistant that makes your listening and talking hassle-free. Though this smart speaker will not replace the most expensive ones or the ones that have higher quality yet it is good for casual music listening that also provide a high-end aura.

Loud and Clear

The Google Home Max is the smart speaker you need for your living room to make it more cozy and relaxing. You can expect a loud and clear audio courtesy of the speaker’s 4.5-inch woofers in a dual-speaker configuration.

The smart speaker works best in a medium-sized apartment to give you an all-digital surround sound that will make your everyday listening a glorious one. What makes it more purchasable is the fact that the Max has an adjustable bass and treble that can be custom to your preference.

In addition, the Max speaker shows off Cast-enabled speakers good for your home audio needs. Its integrated smart assistant can allow you to automatically play a nice music of your choice in your nook.

Sleek Yet Minimalist Design

Hear it and Hear It Loud: Google Home Max Review

The Max speaker is one of the classy smart speakers. It comes with a neutral color and conveniently tucked speakers that rarely showcase its buttons.

The smart speaker does not come with other accessories and designs, it can easily be set up and blend in on any corner of your home and office. Its design is made to compromise with a clean and neat look that goes in any occasion.

Its simple setup contraries its performance. The Max will not cut short with its high-quality audio system.

Product Features And Specifications

The Max features a wireless smart speaker that has 3.5mm stereo with 4.5-inch woofers that is Wi-Fi enabled. It has an excellent sound quality in a simple body setup that is capable with Google Assistant.

The Max support Bluetooth connection so additional devices can connect. The smart speaker struts a nice fabric in front. More to this, the smart speaker is capable of USB-C ethernet that can make the connection to the speaker faster and also capable to charge your smartphones.

The Verdict

Priced at $399, the Max is best if you want to have a speaker with a minimal design that can blend well in your special area. Its tasteful design can take you to a cozier feeling in your unique nook. Moreover, this smart speaker has an excellent sound quality for its price.

This smart speaker is Google’s another ticket to your home. With its price, sleek design, and outstanding performance, it can surely change the way you view your living room. The Google Home Max is the smart speaker you need if you are looking for a combination of performance and value for money.


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