HP Envy 27 AIO – Your All-In-One Desktop

With advancing technological changes, we have noticed a lot of changes in our surrounding world. People move around with hi-tech gadgets such as tablets, Smartphones, iPads and much more. Those, who are working for corporate firms carry laptops and thinkpads along with them. Furthermore, people who work from home are usually surrounded by a multi-monitor setup to carry out daily work. We do not know how our lives will be without the use of these gadgets.

HP Envy 27 AIO

To make your working life more easy and fast, we bring you an amazing product – HP Envy 27 AIO. It is a desktop PC where beauty and function come together and work in collaboration. After using the device, you will feel that you have everything to make it a center of digital work or entertainment. HP Envy 27 AIO is an all-in-one system that comprises all the primary component in one base. The gadget also enables a 27-inch QHD touch screen along with a thin bezel.


HP Envy 27 AIO

The HP Envy 27 AIO is featured with a 19-inch long soundbar that provides compatibility with rest of the base and imparts a quality sound for different requirements such as music, videos or games sound effects. Moreover, the monitor screen is embedded with in-built pop-up webcams which can be easily pushed down when you don’t need it. It also protects the camera by adding privacy and security. The system includes various ports such as HDMI (in-out) port, SD card reader, USB port. HP Envy 27 AIO is a really superb device as it comes with Core i7 CPU, graphics card of Nvidia GeForce GTX 950M, 16 GB memory, 1 TB hard drive and 128GB SSD.

Pricing and Availability:

You can avail the device at a rate of $1399. If you find it a bit expensive, then you can always opt for a desktop system with a somewhat lower configuration.


The CPU score of HP Envy 27 AIO is quite better when compared to iMac. The graphical performance is also quite appreciable.


HP Envy 27 AIO is designed in such a way that it is capable of providing engaging cinematic effect with its ultra-large screen and built-in soundbar. You can also experience great gaming sound and visual effect which will increase your interest in games. With amazing touch-screen, the desktop system gets more attractive. It is capable of producing wonderful colors along with superb brightness. With touch-screen, you will find it easy to handle and use various drawing or gaming apps. It is a must-have feature for today’s generation.

Advantages and Disadvantages:


  • The system offers amazing sound and visual effects
  • It is good for gaming
  • The touch-screen feature makes it very reliable and multi-purpose
  • Affordable


  • While playing games, you would notice the voice of the fan. (Don’t worry, it never gets too loud)
  • The mini-subwoofer is not provided in HP Envy 27 AIO

Final Verdict

With all the reviews flooding the internet and online shopping sites, we can easily witness that HP Envy 27 AIO is an ideal desktop PC for providing work from home facility and also entertainment. You watch movies and play games with the amazing sound effect. Along with the functionality, the system also looks beautiful. It is always recommended to have such desktop system for the home.

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