Huawei Mate Book 14s Review: Best Matebook Model of All Time

Huawei has been very competitive in the past few years, and it continues to offer competitive products in the market, especially laptops. If you want a performing one that’s also long-lasting by battery life, here’s the Huawei Mate Book 14s review to convince you why you should buy it. 

What’s in the Box? 

The box comes with a Huawei Mate Book 14s laptop that measures 12.3 by 9 by 0.65 inches. It comes with the best size among other laptop brands because it fits most bag sizes, and it’s not too big or small. Carrying it wherever you go is very convenient because it’s not excessively big. Plus, it only weighs 1.44 KG, which makes it lighter than others. If you enjoy working in cafés or any place outside your home, you will not have a hard time bringing it along with you. 

The sturdiness of this Huawei laptop is very impressive because it comes from high-quality materials. You can guarantee that it can last longer than other laptops in the market. Plus, the screen is very durable in that it doesn’t break or have scratches easily. 

The design is also another thing that you should notice because it’s very elegant in the eye. It looks very premium, but it’s not as expensive as other premium laptops on the market. It may use monochromatic colors, but it doesn’t fall short on its style, especially the case’s texture. The matte texture makes it look more elegant, making others think it’s a Samsung or an Apple product. Moreover, the keyboard doesn’t provide any discomfort, even when you type long documents. 

This model comes with a charger for its battery. However, there are no inclusive freebies, like a stylus or a gaming headset. You might feel disappointed if you think this box comes with other stuff aside from the charger. 


  • Display Resolution: 2520p by 1680p
  • Processor: 11th gen Intel Core i7-11370H
  • RAM: 16GB
  • Internal Storage: 1TB SSD
  • Connectivity: Intel Wi-Fi 6AX
  • Camera: 720p
  • Ports: two USB Type-C, one USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A, one headphone combo jack, and one HDMI

Huawei Mate Book 14s review


The Huawei Mate Book 14s is one of the favorites for performance, and other features make it advantageous over other brands.

It comes with an 11th gen Intel Core i7-11370H, which is very impressive in performance. You can guarantee zero sluggishness when you multitask, letting you move from one task to another without any hassle. You can browse the net, watch a movie, and play a game alternatively if you want, but you can expect no app crashes while using the laptop. 

When it comes to gaming, you’ll enjoy whatever video game you’re playing as well because it comes with 16GB RAM. You can play Call of Duty, Valorant, or NBA without slowness, thanks to its memory. Also, internal storage will not be a problem because it uses a 1TB SSD storage. 

The battery life of this Huawei laptop is also another reason to love it. It’s long-lasting, letting you use it without recharging for 13 hours. It’s very competitive compared to other brands because not all laptops can last over 10 hours, especially gaming laptops. If you’re fond of using laptops in cafés or working hubs, you’ll find them very convenient to use. 

The display resolution will not be a disappointment at all, thanks to the 2520p by 1680p. You’ll undoubtedly enjoy watching your favorite movie or playing your favorite game because of its high-definition graphics. Plus, it has a balanced contrast and color that will give your eyes a refreshing feeling. 

When it comes to videoconferencing, this Huawei laptop doesn’t fail in providing decent performance, thanks to its 720p camera. Even though it’s not the best quality, you can still use it well during video calls. There’s a little noise in the background, especially when the light source is low, but your viewers can still see you. 

Lastly, the audio quality of this laptop meets the expectations of many users. Regardless of any genre, playing your favorite music will satisfy you because it’s not too noisy. You can even turn the volume up and still enjoy what you’re hearing. It may look think compared to other laptops, but the speaker is very impressive. 


  • Premium design
  • Touchscreen
  • Exceptional display resolution


  • Limited features
  • No stylus included
  • Average performance


Many techies in the industry admire the Huawei Mate Book 14s because it comes with many features that you’ll find very favorable, especially when you’re a student or you’re working in an office. Users gave it an above-average rating, but some think that there are features that need improvements.

The battery life is never questionable because it can last for 13 hours. It’s very impressive because most gaming laptops in its league can only last for around five hours. If you often go out to work or study, it’s ideal because you don’t have to bring your charger with you at all. You can last a day outside without recharging, and it’s what makes it very convenient. 

The performance may be average to some, but it still performs well to multitask without any hassle. The device doesn’t slow down since it uses an updated processor, which also contributes to the laptop’s gaming performance. 

Lastly, the design is also one thing that users love. It looks very pleasing to the eye because of its elegant style. Even though it doesn’t come in a colorful style, it never runs out of appeal. Plus, the matte texture on some parts of the laptop makes it more appealing in the users’ eyes. 

On another note, the quality of the camera needs improvement. The rest of the features are competitive, so Huawei needs to focus on how they can improve the quality of the camera to make this model more competitive than high-end laptops in the market. 

On the bright side, this Huawei laptop is worth your money because there are many features that you’ll love once you start using the laptop. It’s one of the best laptops in its league, which is why you should consider buying it. 

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