Huawei MateBook 13 – One Of The Best Devices From Huawei

After introducing its Matebook X pro, recently, Huawei introduced Matebook 13 to its users around the globe. The laptop introduced by Huawei has some of the best features in the market which aid a user to work on the equipment in an effective manner. The most important thing on which Huawei has focused is the GPU of the laptop; this helps to increase its overall processing speed. Matebook 13 is around 1.2 kilograms which makes it easy to carry from one place to the other.


Instead of using the same old 16:9 screen ratio, Huawei has designed its Matebook 13 with 3:2 screen ratio which has increased its resolution, brightness, and contrast. Like its previous laptops, the screen is touch sensitive which will help you to finish your daily tasks quickly. The screen size has reduced to around 13 inches diagonally, but Huawei is still offering impeccable 1440p image. Though Huawei is still using the same coloring gamut, the screen of the laptop is very glossy which provides great viewing experience.

Laptop connectivity

In its new laptop, Huawei is offering, two, C type USB ports. The laptop also showcases a warning message, if by mistake someone starts to charge it through the right port, as the left port is only meant to charge the device. Matebook 13 does not have Thunderbolt 3 or SD card reader, but it supports a genuine display through the help of right USB port.

Processor and Graphics

Huawei MateBook 13

Huawei is using Core i7 8550U as a processor which is also used in XPS 13; the laptop also has 8GB of RAM. This feature helps you in doing multitasking while watching ultra 4K videos over the internet. Nvidia GeForce MX card helps the laptop to provide a smooth gaming experience and also allows the users to undergo some great video editing programs.

Sound quality

Huawei is well known to provide excellent sound quality to users and it has lived up to its expectations while manufacturing Matebook 13. Since the speakers are situated at the back of the laptop thus it is advised to keep the gadget on a hard surface or the speakers will get blocked and provide muffled sound.

Battery Life

Matebook 13 uses 13 Wh battery. The battery life of Matebook 13 is more than six hours, thus you can do some quality work on the device after charging it fully for once. One can watch movies or can even surf the web for quite a long time after charging the device.

Keyboard and overall build

The keys of Matebook 13 are soft to touch and will provide you ease to type for long hours without causing any strain to your fingers. The laptop is best suited for working professionals. The frame of the laptop is durable and trendy to look at. The case is smooth on the edges and gives a matte finishing which is appealing to the eyes.

The verdict

All in all, the laptop is best for working professionals, gamers and video editors. It helps a user to get easy multitasking as the processor speed is very high. The laptop is light in weight and supports high quality, 4K videos. Thus, it is considered as the best laptop in the market at a price range of $999 to $1,299.

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