Invoxia GPS Tracker – Is It Worth The Price

In today’s world, it is very essential to have proper tracking media for your motor vehicle or for the whereabouts of your child. The all-new Invoxia Tracker will help you to keep a proper track of your belongings. The product is easy to use and provides many special features. You can purchase the tracking gadget for just $99. To know more about the product, it is advised to go through review for once.

Why should you purchase the Invoxia GPS tracker device?

Excellent Battery

The most likable feature of Invoxia is that you can use it for a couple of months just after full initial charging. The gadget also gets charged in a very short amount of time span viz. in an hour and a half through the USB port. Battery basically gets discharged on the extensive use of the product and it ranges somewhere between 2 to 7 months of time frame. This facility is an added advantage as you don’t have to fret much about charging the gadget frequently.

Tracking Facility

The gadget covers the track down process over a long distance. Overall tracking ability of the device from the comfort of your home is around 15 meters. On the other hand, you can even track a much larger distance on an open street. You will also get exact coordinates of your belongings which will provide a great deal of aid in finding them without much of hassle.

The Track Down Service

For the first three years, you don’t even have to make any payment for the network usage in tracking your belongings. After the first three years, you can use the tracking services for about $9 per year which is considered as a nominal amount as you can easily track your belongings.

During the initial stages, you are supposed to download the application for iOS as well as Android mobile phones and then track the device with the help of Bluetooth. While you use Invoxia GPS tracker , you don’t have to have a SIM card, since the gadget uses its own private network for the tracking purpose.

The Shape Of The Tracker

Invoxia GPS Tracker

The shape of the gadget is ultra thin which will help you to hide it inside your automobile or in the backpack of your child. The overall size of the gadget is similar to that of a USB key. Thus you can even place it inside the seat of your bike.

Various Other Features

With the help of the Invoxia GPS Tracker, you will also be able to create alert areas or Geo-fencing which will help you to get an immediate alert if in case your child or vehicle leaves the protective zone. If the tracker is nearby and by mistake, you misplaced it then with the Find-Me feature you can locate the gadget through the proximity radar system. On the contrary, the ringing feature will also help you to locate the tracker, if by mistake it gets misplaced inside the cupboard or under the sofa. Furthermore, with the mobile application, you can also see your last location on the map while you are on the road.

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