iPhone 12 Pro Max Review: Still the Best in the Market

Smartphones are becoming necessities already. Most don’t settle in having a text-and-call phone because users adapt to advanced technology these days. Most users use Android phones because of the price range, performance, and compatibility for games. However, others prefer a simple but handy smartphone that will let them do many things without any complicated instructions, like iPhones.

Since day one, Apple has been a popular brand, and it continued to offer advanced phones that will satisfy users. Now, it focuses on improving what’s already good for users to enjoy their devices more. If you’re planning to buy an iPhone, here’s the iPhone 12 Pro Max review to help you decide.

What’s in the Box?

The box comes with an iPhone 12 Pro Max phone that measures 5.78 inches by 2.81 inches by 0.29 inches. The size stays appealing to many users, giving them the comfort to use it even when walking. Others might find it too big, but most users think the size is right for many activities. This phone is not very heavy at all, weighing 164 grams. Most smartphones these days already have this size, so many are not surprised about its size and weight.

The design of this phone is better than before, where iPhone brought its classy style back during its iPhone 4-era. It comes in various colors, but all are very appealing to the eyes. Moreover, the sturdiness of an iPhone has never been questionable. It’s not only water-resistant and dust-resistant, but it also uses high-quality Gorilla Glass to make sure your phone is protected from scratches.

Aside from the unit, it comes with a charger, but there are no other freebies. There are no earphones or cases included when you purchase the box.


  • Display: 1180p by 2532p
  • Processor: Apple A14 Bionic
  • Internal Storage: 64GB to 256GB
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 802.11
  • Cameras: Main has 12MP wide-lens, 12MP ultra wide-lens; Front has 12MP wide lens


The iPhone 12 Pro Max stays as one of the best iPhones and smartphones in the market because of its powerful features, like the following.

The design is better in this model since it’s bigger, and Apple brought back its classic style, giving users a nostalgic vibe. If you enjoyed the design of the old models of the iPhone, you’d undoubtedly appreciate this model more.

The display resolution of this phone is also impressive, thanks to its OLED displays. You’ll enjoy watching videos or playing games when using this phone because it comes with excellent contrast and color. Plus, it comes with a Ceramic Shield that will

Aside from the design and quality, you’ll also love the performance of this phone because of its Apple A14 Bionic processor. Switching from one app to another is hassle-free because it’s quick and doesn’t crash any app. Moreover, you can also play a decent game, thanks to its 4GB RAM.

If you’re into playing Call of Duty or Mobile Legend, this phone can keep up with its system, letting you enjoy your game. Most would say Android phones are better at gaming, but this iPhone will not disappoint you even though it doesn’t focus much on games.

The camera quality is one of the reasons why this phone is expensive. Compared to other phones, Apple’s camera is exceptional. It’s as if you’re taking shots using an actual camera. Whether you’re using the front camera or the rear, you get exceptional results. There’s a lot of upgrades to its 12MP camera, especially on image processing. There are many modes introduced, but others still think that the quality of the other model is better than this model’s camera.

The sound quality of this iPhone is also better than its previous model. iPhones had excellent speakers that were very loud, but these plays sounded clear without unwanted noise. If you’re into music and often play on loudspeaker, you can assure a good quality sound coming from this model.

Lastly, the battery life is another reason to love this phone. Many users complain about how iPhones have shorter battery lives, but now, Apple has ensured that this model will last longer than the other models. It will take 90 minutes of playing Spotify music until it reaches 60%. Moreover, it can last for 20 hours with average usage. If you’re not using it often, it can even last the whole day.


  • Wider screen
  • Classic Style
  • Longer battery life


  • Very expensive
  • Too big for others
  • The camera is not better than the Pro version


The iPhone 12 Pro Max is one of the most popular devices because the older versions of iPhones kept on becoming better. Users gave it an excellent rating because of many improved features.

The battery life is one of its best features, and many users admire it. It can last for 20 hours with moderate use, which is a big improvement if you’re going to compare it with the older models. Regardless if you’re watching a movie or series or playing your favorite game, you don’t have to think of where you need to recharge once your battery drains.

Aside from that, taking photos or videos using this phone is another good feature that most users love. The 12MP camera on both front and rear provides good results. You wouldn’t think you’re using a phone once you see the results because of the exceptional image quality. Moreover, there are many modes to choose from.

On the other hand, some users didn’t admire its size because it’s too wide to use, especially users with small hands. Some might enjoy it, but others still find it too inconvenient to hold, especially when you’re in public. Also, the phone doesn’t look like a typical phone anymore, losing its classic vibe to some users.

Nonetheless, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is worth your investment if you’re into the battery life of a device, as well as the camera quality. Most gamers would buy Android phones, but others prefer this business-type phone that’s easy to use and very durable.

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