iPhone 12 Review: Remains Outstanding Amidst New Model

Apple has been meeting our expectations since day one. When it started introducing computers, it also started releasing other devices, like music players and touchpads. People have loved every product it introduces to the market. Now, they can’t get enough of iPhones.

People will undoubtedly allot a budget for a new iPhone, and now, there’s a newly released iPhone 13. Some are switching from their old models to new ones. However, not everyone has the budget for a new iPhone. If you want a performing iPhone at a lower cost, here’s the iPhone 12 review to consider.

What’s in the Box?

The box comes with an iPhone 12 phone that measures 5.78 by 2.81 by 0.29 inches. The size is not very far from the newly released iPhone 13, but many users still admire this size because it’s convenient to use.  It’s not difficult to hold, especially when you’re in public. It’s also not very heavy at all because it only weighs 164 grams.

When it comes to the design, it stays classy like the rest of the models. However, the best part of this model is how it steals most of its looks from the iPhone 4 model. It’s also available in different colors: red, green, purple, blue, black, and white.

You can also assure sturdiness when you’re using the phone because it uses high-quality materials. Apple has been offering durable phones since day one, which is why the quality is never questionable. You would be extra careful when handling it, but you can guarantee that it will not break easily.

Aside from the unit, the box comes with a charger. If you’re expecting other freebies than the charger, you might be disappointed. Apple doesn’t give other things aside from the unit and charger. Nonetheless, the phone is already satisfying for many customers.


  • Display Resolution: 1170p by 2532p
  • Processor: Apple A14 Bionic
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Operating System: iOS
  • Camera: Rear has 12MP wide lens and 12MP ultra-wide; Front has 12MP wide
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 802.11


The iPhone 12 is one of the suggested iPhones, especially if you’re into performance and style. Aside from that, here are other features that you’ll undoubtedly love.

You’ll love the performance of this iPhone model because it’s better than the previous models. It uses an A14 Bionic processor, making sure you can do any task without slowness. If you’re browsing the internet frequently or playing games, switching from one task to another is hassle-free because it’s fast. Moreover, there’s a lesser instance of app-crash, which is another thing you’ll love.

Aside from being the top-performing processor, it also comes with 4GB RAM. If you think it’s not very competitive in gaming, you got it all wrong. If you’re fond of playing Call of Duty, you can play it without interruption when using this iPhone. Moreover, it’s also excellent when it comes to racing or action games.

The battery life of this model is better than the previous models of iPhones. It can last longer compared to older versions at a minimum usage. If you’re browsing the internet or doing other activities, you don’t have to mind its battery life as it can last for many hours. On another note, if you’re taking a video or playing games, it might use more of its battery, but it can last for a whole day without charging.

When it comes to sound quality, Apple is very reliable. You’ll love the sound quality of this model, especially when you play in a loudspeaker. Any genre of music you play will give you a good music experience. If you want to connect through any wireless device, you can easily connect through its Bluetooth 5.0. Playing in a bigger speaker or headset is easier, especially when this model doesn’t have any 3.5mm-audio jack.

You’ll also love the 6.1-inch display because of its high-definition graphics. It has a balanced brightness and crispiness, unlike other premium phones. The colors are pleasing in the eyes, letting you enjoy what you’re watching or playing more. Moreover, its high-contrast OLED display also adds to its good features, which are very noticeable when you’re checking photos or videos in HDR.

Lastly, the camera quality of the iPhone 12 is another reason why it’s worth your money. The quality gets better as Apple improves the model. Whether you’re shooting through its front camera or rear camera, you can expect good shots. The rear camera is one of its edges because it doesn’t disappoint at all. Regardless of any camera setting you use, you can expect good results. The front camera still falls short compared to other brands, but it gives a decent shot.


  • Future-proofed with 5G
  • Comes with a colorful OLED display


  • Average battery life
  • A big gap in the price compared to iPhone 11


The iPhone 12 didn’t fail to meet many users’ expectations because of its many good features. It received an outstanding rating from users, and here are some reasons why.

The camera quality of the iPhone is very impressive, especially shots from the rear camera. It doesn’t fail in meeting users’ expectations, and it keeps getting better every time Apple introduces a new model. The front camera may lack a little when it comes to quality, but users still think they can improve it.

The performance of this phone is exceptional, letting you multitask without sluggishness. Browsing the net or playing your favorite game is not inconvenient because there are no interruptions. Moreover, it comes with 4GB RAM, making the performance better when playing any game.

Lastly, the sound quality of this iPhone is outstanding. It’s improved, letting you enjoy any music you play, whether it’s rock, acoustic, or hip hop. Playing anything on the stereo will give you a good time. Moreover, it’s easier to play on your wireless device because Bluetooth lets you connect with ease.

If you’re thinking of buying an iPhone, you should consider buying this model. It’s not only excellent in its performance, but it’s also very durable. It is worth its price since you’ll love its features.

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