Latest Samsung Gear Sport Review, a Smart Basic Watch

The Samsung Gear Sport is the latest technology and device from the company which can work with either Android smartphones or iOS. There are some significant changes in the Gear Sport which makes it better from its predecessor, the Gear S3 from last year. First, it has a slightly smaller build compared with the S3 which makes it even similar-looking in size with the Samsung Gear S2 from 2015. Also, the Gear Sport features an upgraded interface and display compared with the older versions and models.

Well-Made With Compact Dimensions

When it comes to a smartwatch of this price range, you would want to have something that is well-built. That is something that the Samsung Gear Sport can provide. The metal body and the bezel only have the tiniest unwanted movement, and the straps fit your wrist just nice and not too tight.

The watch has a Super AMOLED screen that is about 1.2 inches compared with the 1.3 inches of the watch from last year. It is as clear and as vibrant as you can get from Samsung devices. Among the best features of the Gear Sport is its sturdy shell and robust glass, making the device well-machined from inside out.

Spotify on Board

Latest Samsung Gear Sport Review, a Smart Basic Watch

The Samsung Gear Sport is considered the first ever Spotify watch, and that is one of the primary reasons to buy this device. It is an incredible technology innovation that allows syncing of offline Spotify tracks, something you can listen to wherever you are.

Setting up the Spotify service is also easy and quick. You only need to fill out your username and your password using a T9 keyboard. Moreover, the device allows you to reply to your WhatsApp message without having to open the app itself.

Pros and Cons of the Gear Sport

As what its name implies, this latest device from Samsung is specially crafted for fitness tracking, especially for sports. As much as it can identify and track your workouts, the Gear Sport can now also follow your swims which is one of its best features. The GPS functionality of the device will also help you track your bike ride or run precisely.

All of your fitness data will sync directly with your S Health app which is also from Samsung. From that, the app also allows syncing your progress to Strava, Jawbone, and Fitbit.

The Samsung Gear Sport packs quite a lot of impressive features and functionalities. However, some fitness watch users find the device a little run down when it comes to third-party apps. But that is not exactly a disadvantage. It simply means that the Gear Sport is best paired with Samsung applications.


If you are an avid Samsung fanatic, the few third-party application options of the Gear Sport won’t cause any problem for you. It has its own fitness and health tracking app which is more than you could ask for.

Most importantly, the watch itself is sturdy and compact. Albeit a little bit heavier compared with other watches, it won’t look bulky on your wrist. The Samsung Gear Sport has every feature and function of a fitness watch and some other extras.

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