Listen Way Better: The Google Pixel Buds Review

The Google Pixel Buds is designed by Google that promotes high-quality audio that gives comfort to every user. The latest headphones by the tech giant commit itself to a great quality sound in a wireless manner. In addition, it also features Google Assistant to assist users in getting in touch with more people through Google Translate.

The Pixel Buds was recently launched last October 2017 during Google’s hardware event. It was introduced alongside Google’s latest smartphone unit, the Google Pixel 2.

Google’s Pixel Buds was made exclusively for smartphones and other devices that run an Android operating system (OS). The wireless headphones are compatible with Android version Marshmallow or higher. It is capable of Google Assistant which has a support for at least 40 languages.

Style and Comfort in One

The Google Pixel Buds combines both style and comfort into a piece of nicely designed wireless headphones. It has a very sleek appearance that snuggles in the user’s ear to take over comfort while in use.

The Pixel Buds was made to match corporate, homey, and active lifestyle altogether. More so, the headphones have a unique way of handling comfort with utmost quality that serves a loud and proud audio experience that elevates user experience.

Listen Way Better The Google Pixel Buds Review

Google’s Pixel Buds is not the ordinary wireless device. It serves as a great way of help in just a touch. With this, it helps the user to access music, messages, and other options in a quick manner.

Just by holding the right earbud of the Pixel Buds, the user is one step away from accessing Google Assistant. Connecting the wireless headphones to an Android device has also been made easy. There is no other recorded hassle in connecting the device to any of the updated Android OS –Android Marshmallow, Nougat, and/or higher.

Always On-the-Go and Fast-Charging

The Google Pixel Buds is the ultimate go-to device especially for working and active individuals. The wireless headphones can accommodate up to 5 hours of listening and talk time and can also be used for about 24 hours when charged multiple times in the day.

The tech giant has committed itself in providing a device that users can use hassle-free, hence making the Pixel Buds to entertain longer hours of usage. Unlike other brands of wireless headphones on the market today, the Pixel Buds showcases extreme portability.

The Catch

The Google Pixel Buds was made for the people who are looking for a great alternative to more expensive wireless headphones currently available on the market. Priced lower, Google’s very own headphones could still do better as it might be unfinished or “not yet enough” for other tech enthusiasts.

Yet, with its rundown of how much it costs, it depicts value for money equating to the services it could give the user.

Google, on the other hand, is set to improve more their Google Pixel Buds. No concrete date yet for its launch, the tech giant is on the promise and commitment to deliver more quality wireless headphones to be the top choice of users on the market today.


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