Microsoft Surface Go 2 Review

Microsoft’s Surface Go is back with an upgraded model – the Surface Go 2. Although the original Surface Go was usable and well-built as a tablet, it turned to be a massive meltdown for its slow performance.

This time, the Surface Go 2 offers some improvements from the previous $400 model. It has a faster CPU option and a larger screen that comes in a slim and sturdy design. It acts like an affordable PC squeezed in a portable screen.

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The Surface Go 2 is a less expensive tablet offered by Microsoft as the counterpart of Chromebooks. Microsoft is quite keen on delivering a premium gadget at a cheaper price.

If you have an older model of Surface Go, you’ll find Surface Go 2 as a subtle upgrade. There are slight improvements in terms of its processor and a larger screen for maximum viewing.

The Surface Go 2 comes with an eighth-gen Core m3 processor or Intel Pentium Gold 4425Y. For the latter, the Pentium Gold performs slightly faster than the original Surface Go.

For its operating system, the Microsoft Surface Go 2 runs on Windows 10 Home S mode to provide more security against unauthorized apps. If you live within the bubble of Microsoft’s ecosystem, S mode is a better choice.

Overall, Surface Go 2 is a productivity machine. It can handle basic office programs with ease.  If you are a heavy user of word processing programs, Surface Go is the ideal tablet for you. It can handle general office duties such as spreadsheets, browsing, video conferencing, image editing, and notetaking.

For multitaskers, you’ll love how the Chromium-based Edge browser can handle more than ten tabs. The 10.5-inch screen will impress you with its split-screen feature, with a notetaking program on the side. However, you may expect that there will be a few minor slowdowns when you perform multiple tasks at once.

For entertainment use, Surface Go 2 has better audio and screen performance, perfect for long hours of watching movies. There’s also a Netflix app and a Microsoft store that sells TV shows and films.

Another advantage of Surface Go 2 among modern tablets is its capability to support multiple users, thanks to Windows 10 OS. This feature is ideal if you plan to purchase Surface Go for family use.

Battery Life and Accessories

The Microsoft Surface Go 2 can run for five hours at the recommended battery mode, making it an hour longer than the first Surface Go. Within five hours, it can manage heavy usage, like several browser tabs, Google Chat, Windows Mail, Evernote, and a photo editing program.

If you plan on using Surface Go 2 solely for Netflix binge-watching sessions, it can last longer for eight hours.

Charging the Surface Go 2 is reasonably fast. It will take two hours and 25 minutes to reach a full charge capacity. However, if you use a 45W power adapter, you can cut the full-charge time by one hour.  You can also charge it using any USB-PD charger via USB-C port.

When it comes to accessories, Surface Go 2 retains the Type Cover keyboard from its previous version. The Type Cover is the best console to use on any tablet or laptop. The alphabet keys feel great to type on, and the smooth trackpad is accurate and responsive.

Microsoft Surface Go 2 Specs

Here is a list of Microsoft Surface Go 2 specifications:

  • Screen: 10.5 inches LCD 1920 x 1280
  • Processor: Intel Pentium Gold 4425Y
  • RAM: 4GB or 8GB of RAM
  • Graphics: Intel UHD 615
  • OS: Windows 10 Home
  • Camera: 5MP front cam and 8 MP rear
  • Weight: 544g or 553g (without keyboard)

Microsoft Surface Go 2 Price

Surface Go 2 is a competent tablet for everyday use. It has a sleek design and light panel, which you can carry around with one hand, especially if you are always traveling.

Surface Go 2 is Microsoft’s newest offer of the Windows 10 tablet at an affordable price of $400. It is an entry-level offering for those who liked the Surface Pro 7 but only cheaper. Although the previous Surface devices are known for its high-end quality and hefty price tag, the Microsoft Surface Go 2 proved that it could stand as an affordable tablet.

Is it Worth Buying?

Although Surface Go 2 is back with its upgraded version, it still doesn’t qualify as a powerful device. Surface Go 2 offers few improvements than its first model: a faster CPU and a larger screen, that’s it. There are hundreds of cheaper laptops in the market that can give you more features than Surface Go 2 can offer.

To fully experience the Surface Go 2 features, you must upgrade its internal components and purchase its accessories. Aside from the Type Cover that serves as the built-in keyboard and touchpad, you have to buy a Surface Pen to have a stylus.

As you can see, Surface Go 2 can quickly turn into an expensive device once you start upgrading its specs and adding features to suit your needs better.

However, if you have a previous low-end model of the Surface tablet, you’ll find the Surface Go 2 as a worthy upgrade. It’s your call.

Final Verdict

Microsoft proved once again that you can still own a premium tablet without spending too much. Surface Go 2 is your go-to laptop if you are a big fan of Microsoft merchandise. It is an ideal productivity machine for your basic office tasks that can run for long hours.

It may not offer you a super-fast browsing experience, but it can handle many tasks without driving you nuts.

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