Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Review

It appears as though it had been the other day when almost everyone as well as Apple and Google had written off Microsoft’s as old news, now it would seem the tables have turned and that ought to give some sweet justice for Microsoft. The upcoming creation of big tablets are simply copy-cats connected with the Surface Pro 3, that has unintentionally created a completely new type of remarkably effective tablet/laptop hybrids that thus far only advanced with the launch of Windows 10.

The Surface pro 4 is the newest in the collection of electronics coming from Microsoft which features equally moderate and significant changes. Most distinctive is the inclusion of the G5 chipset, created by Microsoft. Other than evidently being 50% quicker than a Macbook Air and 30% quicker than its predecessor, not really a lot of details have been unveiled concerning the new processor.

Specs offers a massive 16GB of RAM and 1TB of solid-state storage, an 8-Megapixel back facing camera and much better trackpad which takes up a more substantial space on the keyboard.

The interiors are a wonderful and pleasant advancement although not the only unique additions. The actual style and design have been refreshed to consist of a almost bezel-less frame which in turn sits around a bigger 12.3″ screen. The dimensions of the tablet and placement of the ports along the side are identical to the old variant although it’s actual mysteriously lighter and thinner.

Pricing starts at $899.00 USD but will go up from there based upon your personal choice of features and add-ons.

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