Mobvoi E2 and S2- Perfect Ticwatches For Everyday Use

Mobvoi is not a really famous company and you might not have heard about it. But the company is making great wear on watches with amazing design and features. The new ticWatches from Mobvoi may not be the best wear OS watches but they are suitable for everyday use and they cost a lot less than Fitbit and Apple.

However, the watches are only suitable for basic use and they are thick and sluggish as well. But you know what the best part is, it is the price. The E2 and S2 are similar in terms of features but the S2 is a bit more ruggedized and that is the reason why it is priced little high than the E2.

Looks and Design of Mobvoi E2 and S2

The Mobvoi E2 and S2 are the same. They are big round and thick smartwatches which can be paired up with your Android or Apple smartphone. The watches are 12.9 mm thick and 1.39 inches in size. The watch feels thick and heavy on the wrist and is not suitable for someone with a small sized wrist.

Watches are made up of black plastic which is durable. The material used is not cheap and it gives your watch a premium look. The watch will look great on your hand if you are a muscular guy. It has a sporty design and you can wear it while running, jogging or when playing sports.


Mobvoi E2 and S2

Both E2 and S2 come with all the necessary features which are present in a typical OS watch. It has a heart rate sensor and a GPS which is nowadays a necessity for any smartwatch. The heart rate monitor is good though not the best. However, the Speakers and NFC features are absent in both the watches and you will not be able to hear voice replies.

The interface of the watch is simple and easy just like other watches. You just need to swipe the screen to access different features of the watch like settings, newsfeed, notifications, etc.


The watch is paired with the old Snapdragon 2100 which works fine for basic usage. Of course, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 which is present in all the latest watches works better but again considering the price you cannot demand for more. Battery life is good and it works the whole day on regular usage.

The Mobvoi E2 and S2 is not a bad choice if you want a smartwatch with basic features. Both E2 and S2 works fine for daily use and are really affordable watches. But the problem with Mobvoi watches are they outdated when compared to top smartwatches and are made of plastic. They are chubby and heavy on the wrist as well. Overall the E2 and S2 are budget options only and you must go for something better if you a looking for a decent performer.


  • Inexpensive
  • Surprisingly decent battery life
  • Standard watch straps
  • Surprisingly decent battery life
  • Standard watch straps


  • Chunky, plastic build
  • Unnecessary Mobvoi’s fitness software
  • Old Processor
  • Not suitable for advanced tasks

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