Redefining Mobile Technology Through Moto G5 Plus

We could not be more excited to see Motorola is redefining itself with its Moto G5 Plus model smartphone. In fact, this significant upgrade of Moto G4 Plus, unlike the G4, even has a swanky new diamond cut aluminum chassis. Also, the G5 Plus has 5.2 inches screen size, which is slightly bigger than that of Moto G5.

Read the full review of the Moto G5 Plus to know more about its cutting-edge technology.

Features of Moto G5

Just like the regular G5 model, Moto G5 Plus has a splash-proof feature with 3.5mm headphone jack. Also, the Moto G5 Plus Review cited the Moto’s great fingerprint scanner at the home button. It has a 2GHz Snapdragon 625 processor, which is bigger than that of G5. Moto G5 has only 1.4GHz Snapdragon 430 octa-core processor. It means that Adreno 506 GPU is present at G5 Plus’ processor.

In Moto G5 Plus Review, it was mentioned that there is full speed in using and switching apps in G5 Plus because of its high-speed processor. Plus, you can save more photos, videos and messages as well as upload more apps because the G5 Plus’ storage memory can extend from 32GB to 64GB.

It has a 12Mp Sony IMX260 for its f/1.7 camera and a 5MP front camera.  According to Moto G5 Plus Review, G5 Plus produces highly accurate and top quality photos, perfect for selfies and travel shots.

The G5 Plus has a sleek design for easier grip. With 5.2-inch screen size, the G5 Plus can easily be held in the palm and can be secured easily in the pockets. What makes it more interesting is that it has the fast-charging capability with its Quick Charger. Power gets in at 60 percent even only in 50 minutes.

Even though it is not waterproof, Moto G5 Plus has exceptional functionalities which can be relied upon even in the most challenging situation. It is reliable and durable. Also, it has two (2) SIM card slots and a slot for MicroSD card.

Moto G5 Plus’ Cons

Just like some other smartphones, G5 Plus has a non-removable battery. Also, it is not resistant to water and dust. Because of this, it is not advisable to use the phone during water adventures or rainy days. It does not have infrared, and barometer and temperature sensors. It also lacks NFC support.

Unfortunately, Moto G5 Plus comes only in two colors – Lunar Grey and Fine Gold. Because of this, one does not have many options to choose.

Most negative reviews about G5 Plus centered on its high price. Unlike other smartphones, the Moto G5 Plus is not budget-friendly. Because of this, it can be overtaken by competitors that offer almost the same features but at lower rates.

One of the Best in 2017

With all the features above, the Moto G5 Plus is a modern smartphone that can be at par with its competitors. It has all the essential apps needed for everyday use as well as upgrades that further support the daily needs of its users. It can be a little bit pricey, which is something that might prevent some people from buying it. But with Moto G5 Plus’s remarkable features and design, the price can be inapt. It is, indeed, worth the purchase.

Despite being fresh in the market, the Moto G5 Plus can be considered as a top-list candidate. It will not be surprising that potential buyers of this smartphone will continue to increase. As indicated in the Moto G5 Plus Review, the G5 Plus is something to look forward this 2017.

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