OnePlus Nord 2 Review: Practical and Exceptional

Smartphones these days are becoming more advanced. As technology progress, competitive phones are introduced in the market with different functions. Branded phones tend to be more expensive because of the brand, the quality of raw materials used, and the device’s features. Anyone would pay for an advanced phone because they are after the features it can do, which other phones cannot.

Before smartphones, we used to settle with phones that let us send messages or call someone. Our phone’s screens are smaller than laptops’ touchpads, and we only get to see graphics in black and white color. Afterward, we get to enjoy playing on our phones because of the colored graphics. As technology continuously improve the features of a simple call-and-text phone, everything became more interested with consumers.

Nowadays, we have smartphones that let us take photos without hassle, talk to someone overseas without spending too much on mobile load, or play a game as if you’re using a gaming console. That’s the power of technology, yet after the exceptional progress, phones became more expensive products, especially Samsung and Apple products. Some techies buy a phone that’s as expensive as a home appliance, like an over or television.

Despite the competitive market, it’s good that other brands met other consumers with low-budget halfway by offering an affordable smartphone with the necessary features you need. Entry-level smartphones are also booming these days because not everyone wants to spend that much over a phone. Here’s a OnePlus Nord 2 review to consider if you’re looking for an entry-level smartphone with less complicated features.

What’s in the Box?

Not everyone wants to be very techy, but it doesn’t mean they should have the option to buy quality smartphones that are also affordable. Aside from high-end smartphones in the market introduced by Apple, Samsung, LG, and Sony, you can also find other smartphones, such as the OnePlus Nord 2, which is the original Nord’s successor.

You’ll get a light blue-colored smartphone with a 6.43-inch display and an aluminum frame. Unlike the original Nord model with a unique style, this model is far from its original design. Instead, it has a similar design to the OnePlus 9 model despite having different sensors. The camera bump is very alike the OnePlus 9 model despite having different specific sensors.

The overall look of this smartphone doesn’t look cheap at all. It has the same vibe as colored Nokia smartphones or iPhone C models. With decent phone casing, it can make the overall appearance of this model more appealing. On the other hand, the phone is still appealing because of its aluminum frame even when you don’t have the casing.

It may not meet the majority of smartphone users’ preferences, but you can’t argue at all with the overall look of the phone because it’s very affordable, and the greatness of this model is inside it.

Aside from the unit, the box comes with a fast-charging Warp Charge 65 charger. Unlike hi-tech smartphones these days, it may not support wireless charging, but it can charge your phone from zero percent to full battery in 35 minutes. That’s undoubtedly quick, making it very convenient to use on regular call-and-text communications.


  • Display: 90Hz, 1080p screen
  • Processor: MediaTek Dimensity 1200-AI
  • Battery Life: 4,500mAh
  • Port: USB-C
  • Operating System OxygenOS 11.3
  • Connection: 5G with sub-6GHz
  • Camera: three rear cameras (50-megapixels), one front camera (32-megapixel)


The OnePlus Nord 2 may not have an appealing design, but its features don’t fall short. The beauty of this model is appreciated more on the inside, and here are the best features you’ll enjoy.

Aside from its fast-charging function, it has long-lasting battery life. It’s one of the reasons why it is an excellent device to bring along with you while you go on camping, hiking, or anywhere with little to no electricity access. In case of emergency, you don’t have to worry about having dead-battery phones.

OnePlus boasts this phone for having its operating system, OxygenOS 11.3, and it’s based on OnePlus’ software. If you’ve been an Android user, it’s not very different from OnePlus’ software. There may be some changes in the phone’s Settings menu because some controls shifted positions and were renamed. However, there’s a slight inconvenience in finding the standard screen calibration options since these are in a bit different sub-menu. On another note, the best part about this software is its uncluttered applications, unlike Android.

If you like taking photos, you’ll love the three rear cameras of this model. Despite its affordable price, it comes with three cameras, where the primary one uses a 50-megapixel Sony IMX766 sensory. OnePlus also used this camera for its ultra-wide function on the 9 and 9 Pro models.

The selfie camera will not disappoint selfie kings and queens because it has a built-in 32-megapixel camera. The performance of the front camera should’ve been better if it’s paired with an ultra-wide camera.

When taking phones using the front camera, photos typically have a punch look because of their vibrancy. It’s partly affecting the accuracy, which is why this phone is not favorable to aspiring photographers because the edges are partly over-sharpened, which also affects how the actual photo should look. If you are to compare the photo results due to its vibrancy, it has the same outputs as the Google Pixel’s Night Sight mode. Another downside is that the vibrancy doesn’t work well on the ultra-wide camera, giving photos a muted look.

The stereo speakers are different from the stereos used in the original Nord. It comes with two speakers, one is from the earpiece, and the other is on the downward-firing section. You might have a hard time listening to good music using the speakers solely, which is why it’s best to wear headphones or earphones for better sound quality. On the bright side, the speakers work well when you’re listening to podcasts while cleaning, cooking, or doing anything.

The Nord 2’s performance is not as disappointing as others expect because you can switch applications without lag or hassle. The processor is suitable for its 90Hz display, smoothly performing as you scroll on your feed or look for apps on your phone. There are instances where it moves slowly on some occasions, but the overall performance of this model is more satisfying than the original Nord 2, especially in your daily use.

Moreover, you can enjoy a 128GB-storage and 8GB-RAM, which is an excellent feature of this phone. Despite the downsides on other aspects like the cameras and sound quality, it comes with bigger storage than other entry-level Android phones.

Lastly, another exceptional feature of this phone is the in-display fingerprint sensor. Not all entry-level Android phones have this feature, but this one has, providing further convenience as you unlock your phone. Also, when you had to switch your phone on silent mode or vibrate, there’s a physical slider on the top-right side of the phone.


  • Affordable
  • Excellent battery life
  • Uses OnePlus’ operating software
  • Hitch-free usage


  • Low-quality photos
  • Compromised sound quality
  • No headphone jack
  • Ineffective monochrome sensor


Like other entry-level Android phones in the market, you can never go wrong with the OnePlus Nord 2 smartphone. Aside from having its operating system under OnePlus’ software, you can unlock your phone with ease using the in-display fingerprint sensor. You’ll find it very convenient to use, especially the physical slider located on the right side.

This phone might have some downsides, like the quality of photos that both front and rear cameras take or its stereo speaker for music. Still, it’s long-lasting and fast-charging, which other users admire more, especially those not very interested in social media apps or browsing the internet.

It didn’t receive much praise when it comes to its camera’s performance. It may have three rear cameras, but it doesn’t capture accurate photos of how the user sees the subject. The photos are mostly vibrant and over-sharpened, which results in poor photo quality. If you’re active in your social media and you’re trying to share exceptional shots, this phone may not meet your expectations.

There’s also no luck in using the front camera because the quality of the photos is worse. Your bright skin tone may not blend well with the background or the clothes you’re wearing, while they raise shadows that can make your selfie look a bit flat. You wouldn’t want to use that in your account’s display photo.

On another note, you can guarantee a smooth daily performance, thanks to its processor and operating system. You can use this 5G-phone for typical browsing without any lag because of its sub-6GHz support. Plus, daily multitasking activities on your phone are also another reason to consider buying it.

Also, if you’re looking for the best phone to give to an old-fashioned person, who cares less about phone features, you consider giving them this model. The features and applicable apps are handy enough for daily activities, and using this phone is less complicated than other smartphones.

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