Oppo O-Free earbuds review

The Oppo O-Free earbuds is an amazing product which attracts scores of customers from all over the world. This is despite the fact that there is already Apple’s Airpods on the market which have been able to take the entire tech world by storm for many years. In all fairness,  these earbuds are actually worth buying despite being up against many high profile products on the market. They have been able to gather a lot of momentum over the years owing to their vast combination of amazing features. For example, it comes with an elegant exterior along with a very long battery life. These two features have been at the helm of winning the hearts of many customers and earning the product a commanding presence on the tech market. As it stands, no other earbuds are using the new Qualcomm chipset commonly referred to as the QCC3026. This feature is mainly incorporated into the design for purposes of making it cost-effective for makers to integrate wireless earbuds into the systems of phones. The review considers the highs and lows of using the product and low sheds light on what really makes it worth buying.

Major features of the Oppo O-Free earbuds

Oppo O-Free earbuds

  • Speakers
  • Exterior casing
  • On/off button
  • Connectivity manager

What makes them worth buying

There is a lot that makes this earbuds worth buying. This is despite the fact that they are generally not considered as good as the Airpods by Apple. One feature worth singling out is the fact that they are associated with a very comfortable feel. As a matter of fact, Oppo O-Free actually fairs much better in this area than most earbuds that are available on the market today. Not surprisingly, they also fit quite perfectly in any ears.

Further, they have a remarkable noise balancing capability which accounts for their ability to produce high-quality sound. Along with a sleek design and mind staggering software integration, they also come with the super VOOC charger which is renowned for being incredibly fast. Generally, they are the closest anyone can get at a price which is amazingly much cheaper than Apple’s version of wireless earbuds.


  • Elegant design
  • Comfortable in the ears
  • Can fit in most ears
  • Super fast charger
  • Great sound balance
  • Super connectivity capabilities


  • No sound cancellation
  • May not fit in some ears
  • Connectivity issues from time to time

Market availability and cost

The Oppo O-Free earbuds are available online on most online platforms including Amazon and eBay. They often fetch around $100.

Final verdict

Although these wireless earbuds fetch much less than what their counterparts the Apple’s Airpods do, they are worth giving some attention. It is worth pointing out that their ability to fit most ears coupled with a comfortable feel and unpretentious elegance account for their attractive nature. This is also in addition to their long battery life, remarkable sound balance, and exceptional super fast charger. But, their poor noise cancellation capabilities have somewhat been a setback. In all fairness, they are entitled to a whopping 4.5-star rating.



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