Panasonic Japan show off 150-inch plasma TV

Panasonic, the industry and technology leader in HDTVs,  has developed new thin-profile display panel technologies for both Plasma (PDPs) and LCD HDTVs, achieving further advancements in picture quality and environmental performance. These prototypes will be featured at the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week.

 The newly developed NeoPDP technology has been incorporated into two types of PDPs. The first is a super high-efficiency 42-inch PDP that achieves triple luminance efficiency, while reducing the power consumption to 1/3 of the 2007 models*1 yet achieving the same brightness. The second is an ultra-thin 50-inch PDP just 8.8 mm (approximately 1/3 inch) in profile*2. This ultra-thin panel delivers the world’s highest moving picture resolution*3 of 1080 lines. Panasonic’s newly-developed NeoLCD technology is integrated into a super energy-efficient 90kWh per year 37-inch LCD panel, that achieves moving picture resolution*3 of 1000 lines, close to that of a PDP.  It has the lowest energy consumption of any LCD HDTV in the world*4, cutting the energy requirement almost in half compared to the previous model. With the growth of digital broadcasting services worldwide, the flat-panel TV market has been rapidly increasing and is expected to exceed half of the global TV demand in the fiscal year 2008 ending March 2009. The TV market is expected to continue its growth with the increase of digital broadcasting, the increased popularity of flat panel TVs, continuing need for replacement TVs and increased demand for business, educational and medical applications. As people’s awareness of the need to improve the environment increases, it is vitally important that TVs be designed with their impact on the environment in mind. Panasonic’s newly developed technologies have achieved the world’s highest level picture quality as well as exceptional environmental performance through energy conservation and thin panel design in both PDPs and LCDs.  Panasonic names these technological developments “NeoPDPeco“ and “NeoLCDeco”. By taking advantage of the vertically integrated business model for PDPs and LCDs, Panasonic continues to accelerate its technology development, according to characteristics of each device, in order to facilitate the continuing evolution of flat-panel VIERA TVs and to respond to the ever-diversifying needs of its global customers.

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