Panasonic WINGS: Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds for People on the Go

With the fast paced, multi-tasking lifestyle of people nowadays, the demand for wireless earbuds has significantly increased. People look for quality wireless earbuds that will provide them convenience even if they are running on a treadmill. It also allows them to enjoy relaxing music while driving.

While it is not easy to ensure an outstanding sound quality using a wireless transmission, the multinational electronics company, Panasonic, managed to design a gadget that will take audio wireless transmission to the next level. The Panasonic WINGS RP-BTS50 is one of the latest gadgets in the market that promises both impressive audio quality and functionality in a pair of lightweight and hard-wearing wireless earbuds.

Sound Quality

The first thing one would like for in earbuds is the audio quality. An elegant-looking auditory gadget would be useless if it transmits poor audio. In general, it is difficult for wireless technology to create flawless sound transmission. It can be tough to make the same quality of sound coming from speakers to come out from small earbuds.

The Panasonic WINGS RP-BTS50, however, was equipped with neodymium, which allows the device to produce dynamic sounds. For this small audio device, the sound of this Panasonic wireless earbuds is fairly remarkable.

The Panasonic WINGS is ideal for listening to music, podcasts, and radio as it sends strong treble and bass frequencies. Other than its ability to keep any audio file sounding natural, clear and crisp, its mic feature makes it also functional for phone calls and recordings.


The Panasonic WINGS RP-BTS50 not only sounds great but it also looks great. The earbuds appear like wings on the ears, hence the name Panasonic WINGS. These wings are designed to encourage its users to use it even outdoors.

Conformingly, it comes in a sleek and elegant look that will surely go well with the taste of contemporary dynamic urban users. Its polished look, elegant white and gray color combination and LED light appeal to the modern-day individual with a passion for both style and fitness.


In terms of functionality, the Panasonic WINGS is also a front-runner. Its purpose goes beyond its primary function of transmitting audio. It boasts of a built-in mic that works on both iOS and Android devices. This gadget also functions using Bluetooth devices. Moreover, the earbuds have a connective cable that allows users to answer phone calls and control volume in just a click.


For expediency and user-friendliness, the Panasonic WINGS was designed to function from until 33 feet away from the connected device. Users need not bring their Bluetooth devices every time.

Furthermore, these Panasonic earbuds are ultra-portable gadgets designed to meet the needs of a user who is always on the go. With a weight of only 6.4 ounces, these lightweight earbuds are convenient to wear. Moreover, the ear tips are extra soft and are designed to fit any ear shape for a more comfortable use. These accessories are also available in various sizes.

With a set of noteworthy functions and a great audio quality, the Panasonic WINGS RP-BTS50 is a must-have gadget for every modern dynamic individual. This is a pair of earbuds that can be everybody’s stylish fitness, productivity, and music buddy.

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