Philips B Line 242B1TFL/00 Touch Display Review: Trusted Quality

One screen for your computer is not enough these days, especially if you’re a gamer or a graphic artist. Despite the convenience of a laptop, some still invest in display monitors, making them do their tasks better and more productive. Some prefer buying additional monitors or televisions to connect to their device, but others opt for a display monitor with a touch screen interface.

There are many display monitors in the market, but not everything you see is top-performing. If you need a monitor that can assure you top performance as you use it while designing or playing computer games, here’s the Philips B Line 242B1TFL/00 Touch Display review. It might convince you to give it a try.

What’s in the Box?

The unit comes with a Philips B Line 242B1TFL/00 Touch Display that measures 567 millimeters by 345 millimeters by 49 millimeters. The size is very suitable for gaming and other digital activities because it’s wide. Plus, if you love graphic design and you need an additional monitor. Moving it from one area to place is not very hassling because it doesn’t have a stand, but the weight of 5.67 kilograms is a slight issue to users who often travel. Compared to other display monitors, this one is a bit weighty.

The design stays classy, and it comes in black color. Philips didn’t spend much time improving the design because it focused on improving the quality more. Since the display attracts users more, Philips made sure the quality of the display was competitive.

The durability is something that you will not question because it comes from high-quality materials. The screen as well is very durable, leaving you worry-free when you move it from another place.

Aside from this unit, there’s a built-in remote control that you can connect through the USB port. It’s one thing you’ll love about this display monitor because controlling is hassle-free. You don’t have to look for small buttons to turn it on, adjust the contrast, or select a display mode.

Also, it comes with mounting brackets that will hold the four edges of the display monitor securely, and it comes with a rubber gasket on the screen frame’s edge, letting you seal it from dust or water.


  • Resolution: 1920p by 1080p
  • Contrast: 1,000:1
  • Pixel Response: 4ms (GtG)
  • VESA: N/A
  • Panel Type: IPS
  • Inputs: one DVI-D (Digital HDCP), VGA (Analogue), one DisplayPort 1.2×1, one HDMI 1.4 by 1, one USB 3.2 (Upstream), two USB 3.2 (Downstream with one fast charge B.C 1.2), one 3.5-millimeter audio out, one mini USB
  • Speakers: None


The B Line monitor is one of the most preferred monitors by games and graphic artists because of its specs and features. Here are some:

The display resolution is one of its best advantages among other displays in the market. The 1920p by 1080p display resolution is very impressive. It’s suitable for any game because you can guarantee a high-definition display, regardless if you’re playing a thrill or horror game or a bright, action one. If you’re a graphic designer, you’ll even love it because the detailed conditions you need, like sharpness, color, and contrast, are easier to see for adjustment when you’re using this screen.

Unlike typical ones, this display monitor doesn’t have built-in speakers, but it has a 3.5-millimeter audio jack that you can connect to your speaker. As you connect your laptop or any device to its HDMI port, you can play music or enjoy playing your game more with turned-up music in the background.

The performance of this display monitor will let you enjoy what you’re doing. The menu comes with a LowBlue toggle and basic modes, like EasyRead, Office, Movie, and Photo. Aside from that, selecting color temperatures is possible with its feature. Plus, you can control this monitor’s sound volume even though it doesn’t have a speaker. Once you connect it to your device, you can easily turn the volume up or down with ease.

The rubber gasket is also a good feature of this monitor because it will protect your monitor from water or dust. There’s no need to feel problematic when your place often gets dusty because this gasket will keep dust from coming into the unit.

There are also a lot of ports on this display monitor, which makes it handier to users. Aside from the audio jack and HDMI, it has abundant USB ports. There’s even one where you can link to the touch sensor of your computer’s back.

Lastly, the touch screen interface of this monitor is what made it in demand in the market. It doesn’t only display full quality, but it also has a responsive interface that will let you work smoothly, especially when you’re designing something. Graphic designers enjoy using it because there’s no lag when you use designing software.

  • Very sturdy
  • Has rubber seals
  • Has an OSD-remote control
  • Weighty
  • No built-in speakers


The Philips B Line 242B1TFL/00 Touch Display is worth your money because of its many features, and users are delighted to invest in a top-performing display monitor. The display resolution is exceptional, letting you enjoy what you’re doing, regardless if you’re playing video games or designing.

Aside from the performance and resolution, the screen has the best size for gaming and designing. The quality is impressive, making sure it doesn’t break easily. Plus, there’s a rubber gasket that can protect its internal parts from dust or water. It’s a good feature that not all monitors in the market have.

Moreover, the abundant ports are also another reason why many users recommend it, especially gamers. You can connect it to your device with ease. Despite not having a built-in speaker, the monitor comes with an audio jack and HDMI. Plus, there’s a function where you can control the volume through the menu.

If you’re looking for a new display monitor to connect to your device, you should check out the Philips B Line 242B1TFL/00 Touch Display. It’s not only meeting most users’ expectations when it comes to durability but also its performance. It’s not very pricey as well, compared to other brands, making it a good deal.


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