All in the Pro: Samsung Notebook 9 Pro Review

Samsung is taking another leap in the laptop scene by releasing its newest Samsung Notebook 9 Pro. This model comes in two sizes – 13 inches and 15 inches – with almost the same specifications intended for the user to enjoy.

With Samsung Notebook 9 Pro, the user can enjoy the S Pen. The S Pen serves as the laptop’s stylus that can be used for navigation, taking notes, drawing arts, and a lot more. It is an added feature to the laptop that is best used at work and at play.

Penning With the S Pen

More to S Pen, it is a compliant tool that every digital artist can enjoy using. The S Pen is useful, too, in signing documents in a digital form, drawing, creating layouts, and editing photos in Photoshop. With its usefulness, anyone can be an artist.

The S Pen is also deemed big for Paint3D applications. The Samsung Notebook 9 Pro also acts as a tablet-like device and can easily convert into a similar one.

Crisp Display and Long Battery Life

All in the Pro Samsung Notebook 9 Pro Review

The Notebook Pro 9 shares a nice, crisp, and bright display despite it having just 1080p. This is one of the top reasons why it is best for editing photos and creating designs. It showcases colors in a refined screen resolution.

The laptop’s battery life is another great thing. It can stand up to seven to eight hours of life despite a soak period with Adobe Lightroom, several Chrome tabs, and 80 percent display brightness at a maximum.

Product Specifications and Features

The Notebook Pro 9 comes with a Core i7 processor that has a maximum RAM of 16 GB. It also features a wide array of storage options like 128 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB SSD storage.

This model supports an HDR 1080p LED panels. Its 15-inch version has an exclusive specification for a Raedon 540 graphics chip.

The Notebook Pro 9 runs a Windows 10 Home with the inclusivity of using an S Pen. It commits itself to doing more through its pen that is precise and responsive to tasks such as smart selection, screen write, show window, viewing notes, and creating ones.

This laptop lets you into a more comfortable working spree through its 360-degree touchscreen design that rules you to versatility. You can easily convert it from notebook mode to tablet mode, hence easily adapts to whatever it is you are doing.

The Pro 9 promises you productivity as you can multitask without compromising the laptop’s speed. It lets you work on your designs, browse different Internet contents, and do research, all at once without a jab.

It is best used to present artworks and other presentations as it has a crisp display with brilliant graphics.

In addition, this model can be charged just like a tablet through your reliable power bank. All thanks to the laptop’s USB-C charging ports.

The Verdict

Though there may be a lot of different laptops on the market, there will always be something like the Samsung Notebook 9 Pro that caters to whatever you need. Its price starts at $949 for the 13-inch unit and $1,299 for the 15-inch one.

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