Razer Blade 15 (2019) – Overpriced

The Razer Blade 15 has received an upgrade this year. While the other things remain the same the company has introduced the Nvidia’s new RTX graphics cards, which gives the frame rate a good amount of boost. Along with this it also comes with ray tracing technology that significantly enhances your visuals. The manufacturer has also upped the price and has now made the laptop available for $3765 approximately. Here is a review of this gaming laptop.


The screen of the laptop is set in a black aluminum chassis bearing the company’s logo in green. The screen bezel is thin and chic while the top bezel is a bit thicker because of the webcam that sits over it. By the way, don’t bother using the one-megapixel webcam which is anything but clear. The surface attracts a lot of fingerprints which gives a dingy look to the laptop.


Razer Blade 15

Gamers get a full HD display with 144 Hz refresh rate for a smooth experience in all the games that they load. Unfortunately, the Razer Blade 15 misses out on the Nvidia G-Sync which syncs the GPU frame rate to the refresh rate of the laptop screen so that the screen doesn’t tear – not something an expensive laptop as this should miss out on. Its color gamut is decent, but just for the gamers, photograph editors need higher quality. The black levels are not up to the mark and the contrast is just about average.


It offers 512 GB memory which is equivalent to what some of the high-end smartphones have to offer these days. The manufacturer definitely needs to work on the storage part.

Keyboard and Trackpad

For a high-end laptop, the keyboard needs more travel, but the RGB lighting stands out and makes up for the minus points here. The RGB light can be customized and looks really cool when the headphone and mouse glow together with it. The glass touchpad is responsive and smooth – I must say an impressive trackpad.

Ray Tracing Feature

For now, you have just two games Metro Exodus and Battlefield 5 that support ray tracing, but there will be others to join the squad soon. Activating the ray racing brings down the 80fps performance down to 65fps. While there is a solution to this – the Nvidia’s DLSS technology that uses AI to improve the execution work of GPU and boost the frame rates, BUT DLSS is not supported by this model of Razer Blade 15.


The Razer Blade 15 has an Intel Core i7-8750H supported by 16GB of dual-channel RAM. It manages to push through when multi-tasking. It makes a noise when video games are running. Though it is not audible when you are engaged in playing games but it is quite audible when you get loading screens or cut scenes. The speakers are pretty impressive as it has always been with the Razer laptops. You can hear the bullets whizzing clearly even if you don’t have the headphones on.

Final Verdict

With just a single upgrade of ray tracing and missing out on important features such as G-Sync, DLSS support and such as small storage it doesn’t justify its sky-high price tag.

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