Retro Gaming Controller: 8bitdo NES30 Pro Review

It was first known to a lot of retro gaming fans as the 8bitdo NES30 Pro, but it was recently changed and shortened into N30 Pro. Nevertheless, the device still packs features and functions to make an extremely versatile controller that feels like the retro Nintendo.

There are a lot of choices for gaming controllers on the market today, but the NES30 Pro excels because of its fantastic combination of a classic design and contemporary functionality. Both are packed in one single device at a smaller size than most controllers you can find. The NES30 Pro is 8bitdo’s flagship product that is specially crafted for indie, blockbuster, and retro gamers alike. It is small and portable but has everything you need for a gaming controller and more.

Classic Design from the 1980s

For those who are fans of the 1980s classic Nintendo Entertainment Systems, the 8bitdo NES30 Pro indeed creates a definite appeal. It has the familiar black and gray coloring with red accents that brings back the memories of gaming years ago.

However, the similarities of the NES30 Pro to the retro Nintendo end there. The shape is significantly different. There is no blocky rectangle device anymore. Instead, you are given rounds in the corners to come up with a pill-shaped controller. At both ends, LED lights are embedded to indicate if the controller is on.

Retro Gaming Controller 8bitdo NES30 Pro Review

The NES30 Pro also includes a start/select button, face buttons, D-pad, and two thumbsticks. The directional pad of this gaming controller is arguably better than most.

Portable Device for Many Systems

Most gaming controllers you can find on the market these days are somewhat bulky which makes it a little bit hard to bring with you anywhere. However, the 8bitdo NES30 Pro is precisely the opposite. It is incredibly portable which you can only slip in your pocket and bring with you anywhere to play your favorite games.

Aside from being portable, it is also a controller of many uses regarding systems. You can use it on various PCs or even on your Nintendo Switch. Whether you are using a gaming laptop, your MAC, or even your Android phone, the NES30 Pro is something you can appreciate.

NES30 Pro Specifications

The specifications of the NES30 Pro are also what make it an ideal controller for retro gamers. The device includes a micro-USB cable and can also connect through Bluetooth 4.0. It is compatible with a lot of systems from Mac OS, Android, Nintendo Switch, and SteamOS to Windows 7 and above.

Pairing the 8bitdo NES30 Pro with any PC is also easy and quick by using the dedicated button found at the bottom of the device.

One of the best specs that come with this controller is its 480 mAh rechargeable battery that can last for about 18 hours of total playtime. Recharging the device is also convenient even when you are playing since it can connect via USB. It also only takes about 1 to 2 hours for the battery to get fully charged which is quite impressive.


If you want a controller that is extremely portable that can also bring back the feel of classic gaming, the 8bitdo NES30 Pro might be your best choice. It’s not just one of the best aesthetic wise; it’s also well built and solid which is immensely dependable for a controller.

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