Pro vs. Plus: Going Easy with Samsung Chromebook Plus

March 18, 2024

The Samsung Chromebook Plus is one of the two Samsung Chromebooks launched this year.

Alongside the Samsung Chromebook Pro, Samsung Chromebook Plus was introduced in the market this year as a cutting-edge laptop running on Chrome’s operating system. This feature does not only uphold tablet compatibility and Android apps but also supports complete desktop web browser and web applications.

The two Samsung Chromebooks Plus and Pro are identical. They have similar internal storage, trackpad, RAM, screen, speakers, chassis, and keyboard. However, there is one thing that sets them apart – the processor. Samsung Chromebook Plus uses OP1 ARM, while Samsung Chromebook Pro runs on Intel Core m3-6y30.

The Chromebook Plus is a more practical choice for many users. It is more affordable than the Chromebook Pro.

Indeed, the Intel processor performs faster than that of the Chromebook Plus. Other than the processor, there is still one thing that is distinguishable. The Chromebook Plus is a more practical choice for many users. It is more affordable than the Chromebook Pro.

Here are some points to consider when deciding whether or not the Chromebook Plus is a better option:

Ideal for Light to Moderate Tasks

It can’t be denied that in Chromebook Plus, there are instances of lags and delays whenever several tabs are up, and many apps are being used all at the same time. If the Chromebook is utilized for the typical web browsing, social media experience, and a little bit of audio-visual entertainment, then Samsung Chromebook Plus is good enough. The secret in achieving this Chromebook’s optimum performance is to keep the workload as light as possible. Hence, users need to remember to turn off applications which are not in use.

Modest Battery Life

With 8 to 10 hours of battery life, the Samsung Chromebook Plus will do just fine when used for regular social media browsing or when it is needed for a quick business presentation. Users need to charge it often, though when used during long travels, long corporate meetings, and daily office work or working in transit.

How Android Apps Perform

On the Chromebook Plus, the performance of most Android apps is fairly satisfactory. With its processor, instances of crashing apps are understandable. The Chromebook Plus, however, is better when it comes to the Android apps’ performance compared to its Pro counterpart. The Chromebook Pro, which runs on Intel processor, commits more than a few bugs and glitches when it comes to running apps. The Pro may work at its finest as a laptop, yet it is not an ideal Android tablet.

In a nutshell, those who are planning to purchase a Chromebook with the primary purpose of using Android apps should consider getting the Chromebook Plus. It is perfect for day-to-day use even for social media engagement, blogging, web browsing, and video watching.

On the other hand, users who are in need of a comprehensive device that is high on productivity and functionality should think twice about purchasing the Samsung Chromebook Plus. The Chromebook Pro is a better gadget for users that are planning to use the Chromebook for large corporate or commercial tasks. The Chromebook works best even for graphic designing, animation, video editing, typing, or spreadsheet creation.

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