Samsung Galaxy Gear 2

The Samsung Gear 2 did come out much sooner than expected, especially post the launch of its predecessor. People who bought the first version, which was of course more expensive considering it was the first time, might not be very happy with it. However, since the market for the device is not that broad, the number of users would not be as much; either. Now that the newer, modified and economically feasible version is there, many people are enthusiastic to try it out. Before you go out there and buy the device, we would like to bring to you The Samsung Gear 2 Review with all of the plus and minus points of it, as it would help you make a wiser and well informed decision.

Plus Points

  • Design: The design is much improved from the older version and is also more elegant. The design makes the watch lighter by shifting the camera to the dial’s upper edge.
  • Comfort: The comfort level has considerably increased due to a simpler design. The square shape smoothes the navigation a great deal along with the home button coming at the face of the dial instead of its edge.
  • Screen: The screen is made perfectly for people to be able to read notifications even in sunlight.
  • Performance:  Being much more sleek and smarter, this one has a dual core processor, which helps in boosting the speed and cutting off any pause that might occur while switching applications or launching them.
  • Find my Phone: This new feature enables the user to just press the button and make their phone ring when they can’t find it and it works vice-versa.

Minus Points

  • Compatibility: Sadly enough, this device is compatible only with Samsung devices and this serves as a major pull down for it in the market.
  • Cost: Even though it’s less expensive than the earlier version, it still is expensive compared to the market trend.
  • Battery: The batter life is not too great either as it just goes for 3 full days on a moderate usage. On a watch, that’s not very acceptable as it leaves the user charging it minimum twice a week.
  • Apps: The apps are not many in number and out of the limited number half of them are just substitute watch faces. Amongst the ones left, there is not much that grabs one’s attention either.
  • Connectivity: It can be connected to only one device at once and this is not taken well by most users.

Despite of all the issues, the product is still a better and higher version of the previous one and as we mentioned before, the market is not that broad for these types of gadgets. Therefore, for people who would like a watch that does most of the smart work along with telling the time, saving space and making things light and easier; a smart watch is always a preferred option. At the end of the day, it completely depends on the individual’s experience when they try the product.

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