Samsung Might Launch an Upgraded Version of Wireless Charging Hub by 2023

Samsung is one of the reputable brands in the market in terms of gadgets and gaming. From smartphones to smartwatches, they have it. Being innovative, they have introduced people to different levels of convenience regarding gadget management. The company is known to be one of the first ones to offer wireless charging through its charging hub, and people have given positive feedback about it. And now, the rumor is that the company is set to launch an upgraded version of its charging hub.

Before, the well-known company offered its wireless charging hub as a package along with a compatible smartphone. Come 2020, and the company released its standalone wireless charging hub, the Trio Pad Wireless Charger, which allows simultaneous charging of three gadgets. Its price was $99. Reports say that the company is set to release an upgraded version in 2023. If this move pushes through, it will continue becoming a tough competitor for Spigen and Anker in wireless charging hubs.

Some believe that the new accessory might still hit the $99-mark, and it may be introduced alongside a probable Galaxy S23 in either January or February of 2023.

Older versions of Samsung phones might still not be compatible with the accessory, mainly because wireless charging hubs are unnecessary. Older phones may still use the wired chargers that come with them.

If you have used a wireless charging hub before, you might agree that it offers a new level of convenience. Imagine you put your smartphone or smartwatch on top of it, do some other stuff first, and return to a fully charged device without the need to unplug and roll some cables. Wireless charging hubs are usually viewed as a status symbol, compatible with high-end phones.

More information will be available from Samsung when the supposed launch date nears.

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