Seeing the World Through the Lens of H6D-400c MS Camera

In today’s world, a camera combined with various social media platforms is a sure way of connecting with other people. In that case, what better way is there to capture moments than with a good-quality equipment?

Hasselblad proudly presents their invention that dares to challenge the limits of image quality: H6D-400c MS – the camera that has a resolution of 400 megapixels partnered with true RGB color data for every pixel. It uses a technology called sensor-shifting to put together images that are 23,000 x 17,400 pixels.

Introducing the H6D-400c MS Multi-shot Feature

This is the technology behind that stunning 400-megapixel resolution. How does it work? With this feature, the equipment captures six individual photos for every time the user presses the shutter. In between each of the individual exposure, its sensor-shifting function moves the sensor one pixel each time in a horizontal–vertical–horizontal–vertical pattern.

The movement is then finalized with two additional exposures of 1/2 pixels moving horizontally and vertically. The six individual photos captured in a single shutter are then combined together, thus forming the impressive 400-megapixel resolution and producing a 23,200 x 17,400 pixel-sized photo.

Choose Between 6-Shot and 4-Shot Multi-shot Options

Not every time the user needs the monstrous resolution of this equipment. In that case, there is an option for users to lower the quality of the image to 100 megapixels. This resolution is attainable in one shot or through the multi-shot feature, but instead of capturing six individual exposures, only four are used and put together. The sensor moves in a horizontal–vertical–horizontal–vertical pattern at one pixel at a time, producing an 11,600 x8,700 pixel-sized image.

Product Features and Specifications

Seeing the World Through the Lens of H6D-400c MS Camera

Below are the best qualities and features that the Hasselblad’s H6D-400c MS camera is proud to have:

  • 100-megapixel CMOS sensor
  • 3-inch HD rear display with touch capability
  • UHD and HD video
  • HDMI, Wi-Fi, and audio I/O
  • Modular system
  • True Focus feature of Hasselblad
  • USB: 3.0 (Type C)
  • Card slot: dual (SD card and CFast 2.0)

“Who needs a camera as impressive as this, anyway?” Well, this equipment still takes the lead as the choice of various organizations, institutions, and museums from all over the world to capture treasures from history in the highest possible image resolution, according to Hasselblad. In short, this equipment is ideal for capturing different artworks and artifacts of the richest quality possible.

However, even the most impressive equipment has its limitations, just like anything else in the world. In order to use its multi-shot feature, it needs to be connected to a computer via USB. It also needs to be mounted atop a tripod to obtain the highest accuracy. Still, it cannot be gainsaid that this piece of equipment is of outstanding quality.

The H6D-400c MS is set to be released in March, but interested individuals can already pre-order it from Hasselblad’s website. This equipment can also be rented with varying daily rates. This service will be made available through a local Hasselblad representative once the H6D-400c MS camera makes its launch.

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