Sony Alpha a6000 – Still the Best Mirrorless Camera for Beginners


Mirrorless cameras are slowly replacing the big and bulky DSLR cameras in the amateur community. The cameras released five years ago were built so well that they’re still topping the charts today.

The Sony Alpha a6000 is a perfect example of this. It was first released in February of 2014, five years ago. But, it is still one of the most popular mirrorless cameras in the market.

One of the main reasons it’s stayed so famous is that it comes at such a good price point. With its superb specs, it’s the cheapest among its counterparts at just $500. While getting an entry-level DSLR camera will cost you around $700.

Compact and Competitive

Aside from the fact that mirrorless cameras are cheaper than DSLR cameras, they’re more compact and suitable for travel. They may be cheaper and smaller but they yield photos that anyone could mistake for being taken by a DSLR camera. This has resulted in professional photographers exploring the world of mirrorless cameras.

Because DSLR cameras have been around for decades, it’s taking some photographers more time letting go of old habits. But, you’ll see it everywhere, on social media and on camera review websites. More professional photographers are picking mirrorless cameras up because of the unbelievable performance they deliver. With more professional photographers enjoying the convenience of the small body, DSLR cameras are left reserved for more high-profile commissioned work.

It just goes to show that even if a smaller camera looks less professional to bring on commissioned photoshoots, they deliver results that exceed expectations. It’s all a matter of making clients realize that the size of the camera has nothing to do with how the photos turn out.

Why the Sony Alpha a6000 remains at the top

Up until today in 2019, 5 years since it was first released, the Sony Alpha a6000 still holds the title for the fastest autofocus at 11 frames per second in a mirrorless camera. Paired with the unbelievable moving-subject tracking feature, the Sony Alpha a6000  produces both photos and videos with next level clarity.

By changing lenses, you can take your entry-level mirrorless camera and turn it into your camera of choice as you progress through the ranks. It’s not one of those basic mirrorless cameras that you will outgrow in a few months to a year. The Sony Alpha a6000 performs at par with high-end DSLR cameras without the bulk and at an extremely affordable price. Some professional photographers have even admitted to making the switch. They no longer saw the point in lugging a 1kg camera plus lens around when they could get the same results from something that weighed just over 1 lb.

Moreover, the camera comes with all the features a modern day photographer could ask for. Transfer your photos either with Wi-Fi or NFC and review your shots in an instant. But be warned, it doesn’t come with the convenience of a touch screen, hardly reason enough to pass up on such a great camera at its current price point.

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