Sony’s Latest Wireless and Functional Headphones MDR 1000x

April 11, 2017

The Sony MDR 1000x is a stylish pair of headphones that integrates noise canceling technology in a wireless mechanism. Being the latest product in Samsung’s long list, this set of headphones boasts of a seamless combination of outstanding sound quality and ease of use. It is equipped with everything that a user is looking for in headphones.

Posh and Comfortable Design

Sony Premium Noise Cancelling, MDR 1000x has a sophisticated minimalist design that suits the taste of the advanced user. With stainless steel band and modest earcups, this gadget owns a professional look ideal for all users, regardless of age and gender. Furthermore, the earphones are designed with soft pads beneath the headband, creating a suspension mechanism that ensures that the user is comfortable wearing it. Contributing to its ease of use is its weight of 9.7 ounces. This gadget is lighter compared to its competitors.

Functionality in a Button

Aside from its professional-looking exterior, Sony MDR 1000x owns a handful of useful features, including volume control, song hop, and play-pause touch control. All these can be achieved by simply tapping or swiping the right earcup’s outer portion.

On the lowermost part of the left earpiece are a set of buttons for various functions such as noise canceling, power, ambient aware, and pairing. These functional buttons are strategically positioned so they can easily be clicked using the left hand. Likewise, placed at the lowermost right and left of the headphones are the micro USB charging dock and 3.5 mm audio cable dock, respectively.

Despite the benefits one will get from this gadget’s functions, this pair of Sony headphones is not exempt from flaws. Just like other products, there is a typical downside for most headphones. An apparent weakness of this device is that there is sometimes a lag in its functions when a user utilizes the touch commands.

Easy Switch From Music to Conversation and Vice Versa

Another valuable feature of Sony MDR 1000x is headphone cupping. From the term itself, the user just needs to use his hand to cover the right earphone in a cup-like position. This could be made possible if the user needs to transition from listening to music to speaking with someone on the phone. Cupping the headphone will cause the music to temporarily stop and will automatically turn on the noise cancellation command.

Efficient Wireless Connectivity

Pairing with any source gadget is easy with Sony MDR 1000x. The user just needs to click on the “on” button and hold it for a little while to put the gadget in pairing mode. The wireless headphones automatically connect to the source device, and the user can enjoy listening to the songs in the gadget of origin.  Even when the user is 75 feet away from the source device, the wireless technology of MDR 1000x can still function properly.

Overall, the Sony MDR 1000x is a set of wireless headphones endowed with not only a stylish look fit for everyone’s preference but also with a lot of useful features. Though its touch commands are not faultless, this device offers various functions that are worth every user’s money.

8.3 Total Score

Overall, the Sony MDR 1000x is a set of wireless headphones endowed with not only a stylish look fit for everyone’s preference but also with a lot of useful features.

Sound Quality
User Experience
Battery Life
  • Exceedingly comfortable
  • Noise canceling doesn't get any better
  • Long battery life
  • Great sound quality for Bluetooth headphones
  • Fiddly touch controls
  • Materials are sturdy, but underwhelming for $400
  • MicroUSB charging is so very 2016
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