Thrustmaster T-GT for Real-Life Racing 2017 Review

While it’s not one of the most approachable choices you can find of its kind, the Thrustmaster T-GT delivers nothing but only premium and immersive racing experience like no other.

The latest Thrustmaster is a state-of-the-art racing wheel that is designed for both your PS4 and PCs. It is considered to be the premium and the most advanced peripheral for video games that has ever been made.

What’s Inside the Thrustmaster Box?

Unboxing the Thrustmaster, you will find several things. There are the Thrustmaster T-GT wheel, the servo base, the pedal set, the power supply, clamping systems, and, lastly, the much-needed instruction manual.

Everything you can find inside the box is securely tucked in polystyrene trays. All the components are easy to access. When everything is unboxed, you can now be ready to set up the new T-GT.

Quick and Easy Setup

While the T-GT is not the kind of racing wheel that you can leave unclamped or just plant in your lap, it is not that hard to set up. The central desk clamp can be easily fixed into the bottom of the servo base which needs to be clamped either to a table or solid desk.

Connecting all the other components is also so much easier because of the labels for each port at the back of the servo base. It is simply done as you would do a puzzle.

When everything is all set-up, the Thrustmaster T-GT can now be connected to your PC or PS4 using a single USB cable.

Thrustmaster T-GT for Real-Life Racing 2017 Review

Overall Excellent Hardware

The Thrustmaster T-GT is not your ordinary racing wheel. It boasts some fantastic technology that racing game enthusiasts would more than appreciate.

The T-GT has force feedback linearity with 100 percent proportionality to the force that is determined in the game. More than that, it has about 40 watts of linear brushless force feedback for the dynamic torque, with its embedded motor cooling system having 50 percent more dynamics.

Some of the great things about the T-GT are its stall force being four times greater, monophasic cooling for heat dissipation, and vibration and suspension effects enhanced by depth feedback.

The T-GT wheel is made from genuine leather with excellent metal paddle shifters and a wide array of inputs for faster and easier navigating menu.

Immersive Gaming Experience

The refined and varied level of force that the T-GT is able to deliver provides an immersive gaming experience than others. It simply brings life to your favorite racing game where you can also feel every shift, every flex, and every brake of the vehicle. It is even more realistic when accompanied with a top surround sound headset.

The premium components and features of the T-GT can excellently let you play a racing video game that feels insanely realistic.


Racing video games are always fun and will hook you for hours. But it’s even more topnotch if you partner it with pedals and wheels that feel absolutely real which is precisely the aim of Thrustmaster T-GT. It is a racing wheel that is designed with a suite of built-in technologies that can give every gamer an immersive driving experience by recreating what happens in real life.

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