Universal Gaming Headset: LucidSound LS40 7.1 Review

When it comes to a gaming headset, you would want the best you can find on the market, and the latest LucidSound LS40 7.1 is precisely that. It has an excellent audio reproduction which is one of the important features you have to find in a wireless gaming headset.

More than that, LS40 7.1 features varied and distinct audio modes. It is also a bit competitively priced compared to other rival brands.

LS40 7.1 is made with even more advanced technology from its predecessor, LucidSound LS20. This particular gaming headphone packs a couple of audio technologies such as the DTS Headphone:X and the wireless 7.1 surround sound.

What’s in the Box?

LucidSound LS40 7.1 gaming headset comes in a top-opening compact cardboard box that is detailed with its top specs and features on both the sides and the back. Opening the outer box will present you with a black interior box with LucidSound’s logo at the front.

Universal Gaming Headset LucidSound LS40 7.1 Review

Inside the box, there is LS40 7.1 headset itself, an instruction manual, and a black carrying pouch. It also comes with various headset cables and a wireless dongle that is about the size of a USB stick.

Soft Leather Headband Cushioning

LucidSound LS40 7.1 features some of the best things that the old LS20 has. It comes with the similar soft leather cushioning with cross-stitching which both looks great and feels really comfortable. The padding does excellent work in cushioning the crown to prevent pain or aching during long-time use which is often the case with cheap gaming headphones.

The frame features a two-tone chrome matte finish that is cool to touch. The ear cups of the headphone can also be rotated in a wide arc with a piston-feel resistance on both cups.

These design specs are specially combined into a single surround wireless universal gaming headset that is comfortable the entire time you use it.

Best Audio Clarity

While LucidSound LS40 7.1 is comfortable, it is not the best on the market when it comes to build quality. However, it is top-notch if you talk about audio reproduction, especially regarding the audio quality. This gaming headphone offers nothing but crisp sound. The LS40 7.1 surround sound makes the audio come alive when mixed with volumetric audio.

One of the best things about this LucidSound gaming headset is its dual mics along with mic monitoring with the boom mic being detachable.

Key Features and Specs

  • Compatibility: PS3, PS4, PC/MAC, mobile, Xbox One
  • Speaker size: 50 mm
  • Characteristics SPL: 97+/-3 dB
  • Wireless range: 30 ft.
  • Base station inputs: USB, optical
  • Headset inputs: micro-USB, 3.5 mm analog
  • Weight: 12.5 oz/ 355 g


In looking for a gaming headset, the sound quality is one of the top characteristics you should find, and LS40 7.1 has that in loads. The sound space of its volumetric DTS Headphone:X is immensely fantastic. It also offers a higher level of immersion compared to other LucidSound headphones.

This particular gaming headphone model is also ideal for a wide array of applications with its excellent balance and crispness of game audio on different sound modes. While it might not be at par with more expensive brands, at an audio quality point of view, LucidSound LS40 7.1 is arguably superb.

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