Veger Palm 10 – The Smallest 10,000 mAh Power Bank

Smallest Powerbank

The way we use mobile phones has changed so drastically that we find ourselves unable to leave home without bringing our phone chargers or a power bank. Ten years ago our mobile phones had such basic functions that we never really used all of its power up. But today, we can barely go half a day without reaching for a power bank.

When the first power bank companies rolled their external batteries out, they came in rather heavy and bulky designs. Because it was such a brilliant idea at the time, the convenience it gave smartphone users masked the inconvenience the size it came in came with.

Today, power bank makers all over the world have come up with different sized models with different mAh capacities. Some people need the heavy duty ones that will let them charge their power guzzling iPhones more times in a single charge than any compact power bank can.

But there are also those of us who have access to sockets throughout the day but also want to have an extra source of power when on the go. Luckily for us, external batteries now come in the size of credit cards. They may not be as skinny as the plastic cards, but they can in your pockets and in the palm of your hand.

Veger Palm 10 Power Bank

This compact power bank is 3.5 inches long, 2.5 inches wide, and less than an inch thick. It comes with a 10,000 mAh capacity, giving you at least two full charges on an iPhone XS Max or a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. The tiny power bank weighs just under 200 grams.

It charges at 5V-2A via a micro USB input port. It is outfitted with two USB ports that also support fast charging at 5V-2A.   The power button can be found on the left side of the device and when pressed shows the user the power gauge in the form of four tiny white lights.

Its exterior is a smooth, non-scratch-resistant surface. It comes with a tiny pouch to protect it from scratches and to put yout cables in as well. The credit card sized power bank comes in two colors, all black and all white.

Small but reliable

With its fast charging features this powerful little power bank doesn’t take all day to charge. It also packs enough juice to charge your heavy duty smartphone more than twice if need be.

It’s so small it can fit into your pockets without taking up too much space, giving you ease of access and freedom of movement. It’s also so light that you’ll never feel inconvenienced by the thought of having to bring it around. Whether you’ve forgotten to charge your phone before you leave for work or you’ll be out all day and without a power source, this tiny power bank is the perfect companion.

The best thing about this small but reliable power bank by Veger is that it’s also easy on your wallet. It comes in at just under $20!

Black and white Power bank


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