Watch You Want: The Apple Watch Series 3 (Non-LTE) Review

The Apple Watch Series 3 comes in a variety of colors that could be used with an optional LTE connection. It belongs to the third-generation series of the Apple’s smart watch line and was first introduced to the market on September 12, 2017.

The Series 3 was launched and made available for selling alongside the tech giant’s newest iPhone 8. It promises many updated features compared to the previous Apple smart watch models launched since 2015. To match users’ needs, the Series 3 still has the commended built-in global positioning system (GPS) from the Series 2.  

Optional Long-Term Evolution (LTE) Connectivity

Since the debut of the Apple Watch in the year 2015, the tech giant has committed itself to producing high-quality products that can make a huge tip on the consumer market. This involves gadgets that stay connected with or without the presence of a wireless connection or any local area network (LAN).

The Apple Watch Series 3 introduces an option to its users to power up their Series 3 with LTE connection or not. The optional LTE connectivity gives versatility to the user to stay connected to the world even without their iPhones on hand.

The Series 3 can be used without the LTE connection. Its advantages involve a more reliable battery life, faster performance, and hassle-free support on third-party mobile applications.

Of course, without the LTE connectivity or a wireless connection, the Apple smart watch can prolong its battery life because there are no running internet-connected applications on the background. Thus, this option makes the Apple Watch Series 3 more dependable and ideal especially for fitness buffs, entrepreneurs, and people who are always on the go.

Watch You Want The Apple Watch Series 3 (Non-LTE) Review

Outstanding Global Positioning System (GPS)

The Series 3 took the GPS tracking and navigation system seriously. This feature is very advantageous to users who are into workouts like brisk walking, biking, and running/jogging or those who are navigators and travelers who use maps big time.

The Series 3 advances its uses with more accurate access to maps and navigation applications that could soothe every user’s demand to voyage whether for work, fitness, recreation, or leisure.

Sense of Style

Apple’s smart watch style has evolved throughout the years. The Apple Watch Series 3 showcases a sleeker design that can portray the user’s personality through a nice variety of colors like silver, gold, and gray.

The Series 3 is made of stainless steel and ceramic finishes that comes with different straps suitable for any occasion and season.

Product Features and Specifications

The Series 3 comes with a second-generation OLED Retina display with Force Touch. It runs with a dual-core processor and a 768 MB RAM. Aside from LTE connectivity, it is also powered by an upgraded Bluetooth system of 4.2 version.

The Series 3 is water resistant of up to 50 meters just like its previous version. It can measure a user’s heart rate, acceleration, orientation and angular velocity, and altitude.  


The Apple Watch Series 3 is the best option for a smart watch to go with an iPhone. It values speed and has better support for third-party applications. It also has a battery life a user can count on.


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