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From this Xbox One review you will know that the Xbox One is something more than a gaming console. At least that’s what Microsoft wants the people to believe. The company invested a large amount of capital into the newest Xbox’s features of multimedia, which could possibly make or break the comfort of the console in the eyes of  gamers. Since this machine has now been around for awhile, we decided put this machine under test to observe if Microsoft has really delivered on its guarantee of this machine and features; which will be the main part of the living room.

Design of Xbox One

There is nothing escaping, Xbox One is big. It dwarfs PlayStation 4 and both the previous generation systems and it could rival with several AV amplifiers because of the area it takes; underneath the TV. Angular lines, be short of the physical buttons, as well as combination of the matte and glossy plastics, also give it a striking; almost massive appearance.

Simple, Inconspicuous and Massive

The design of Xbox One leaves lots of space for internal components for breathing, after the flawed Xbox 360, Microsoft took no chances in terms of heat with Xbox One. A jumbo fan and CPU heatsink, positioned directly beneath a gigantic exhaust vent, ought to ensure this console does not overheat; even after many hours of constant gaming. This was barely perceptible when creating this console for first time. Temperatures never go beyond 50 degrees, whether you are playing games or watching TV.


Specs of Xbox One

After Microsoft discovered that it was utilizing semi custom AMD APUs (Accelerated Processing Units) for Xbox One, the games consoles never looked nearer to the desktop PCs; when it comes to hardware. The 2 Jaguar quad-core processor modules inside Xbox One that run at about 1.75 GHz, as well as are matching with DDR3 memory of 8 GB, must be considerably simpler for program than CPU based on PowerPC; used inside Xbox 360.

Xbox One depends on the 32 MB of quick-access ESRAM for quickly buffering textures, into time-consuming DDR3 memory. At the launch, it led to resolution as well as quality disparity in between the 2 consoles in definite games.

Ports of Xbox One

For the purpose of avoiding spoiling its smallest front face, Microsoft has shifted all ports to left-hand side as well as the rear side of Xbox One. This has dropped the analogue outputs on the whole, opting just for the HDMI plus, which is a digital visual S/PDIF to hook up the AV amplifiers that are older. Actually there are 2 HDMI ports; one for outputting video to the TV and the second one for receiving pictures from the external source. For example, a set top box of TV. At the launch, this digital visual output might only handle stereo audio, though Microsoft lastly got around for adding the surround sound inside the hardware.


  • Exceptional voice permitted UI
  • Well-built integration of the entertainment and games
  • Well-mannered line-up for launching
  • Thrilling exclusives on the route


  • PS4 is better than Xbox one
  • The services of UK TV are not up as well as not running yet
  • Console is outsized and chunky

No doubt Xbox One is an incredible piece of machinery for gaming.

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