While Minecraft isn’t technically a game, the creativity and fun that can be had is unrivaled by anything in the past 20 years. Minecraft is more of a playground or a creation simulator than anything is. Don’t let this dissuade you from picking up the title. Just because your path isn’t laid out in front of you doesn’t mean that can’t find a way to go. You simply have to create where to go and what to do.

While Minecraft has been out in beta form for some time, the finished product here polishes up the formula and tools to a high gloss finish. The interface has been streamlined and has been made to be more user friendly, and many of the notorious glitches and bugs have been ironed out.

Minecraft is a game based on exploration, and creation. You start out with a static world that you explore and bend to your will. Interacting with the world can be a bit frustrating for those that are unfamiliar, and the first couple hours of the game can be frustrating as the denizens of the world make quick work of your underpowered character. Once you make it through the first parts of the game and get a grip on how to make shelter from the nighttime to escape the monsters, you quickly learn to mine materials, shape those materials into weapons and tools, and in turn use those tools to create everything from mine vehicles and sprawling castles to boats and advanced technology. There are countless examples of creative players creating entire games inside of Minecraft such as Portal and Mario Bros.

One of the places where Minecraft shines is its random encounters and incidents. Burrowing and searching can lead you to abandoned mines, monsters, caches of gold and other ores and some other fantastic moments. You can take the gold and ores you find to make other materials and build the world you want. It’s like being Lewis and Clark in a world with saves, extra men and a potential to see the fruits of your labor develop before your eyes and in your life time.

Minecraft is not a game with an end, or really, a plot or what is expected from games today, but the fulfillment of building a castle that can with stand attacks from hordes of monsters is very satisfying. Give Minecraft a shot on PC, especially if you’re looking for something unique and a reprieve from the blockbuster AAA titles we’re so accustomed to.

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