Mass Effect 3

Now that Mass Effect 3 is out, we have to tell you this game is sheer hotness. The graphics are extremely realistic although a little slow moving at times, but definitely have improved since the original Mass Effect’s release. What’s really cool is that now that a lot of Xbox games are made to work with Kinect by body AND voice commands, this game just explodes into action with your voice giving female Shepherd commands. That’s hot!

Like so many multiplayer RPG’s your Buds ‘n’ Studs club can join you online to kick some alien butt. Imagine– one group all playing through Xbox Kinect by voice command online and nobody has to go anywhere! Multiplayer mode allows you to import characters from the previous two Mass Effect installments, but only on Xbox and PC. You can do this for both single player mode and multiplayer mode. Die hard fans would prefer to go it alone, I know, but multiplayer still has some pretty awesome features playing on Xbox Kinect.

If you haven’t played the previous installments you might be lost with the story line, especially given that imported characters bring the imported choices players have previously made that completely affects story arc. If you don’t import, you’re pretty much starting from scratch. Mass Effect 3 delivers what it promises. The most visually stunning and engaging Mass Effect game is here, and quite frankly, it’s best on Xbox.

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